It is as many of us thought... - Granite Grok

It is as many of us thought…

Right now, I have no evidence to present to the contrary.  If true, this is very, very scary and should rile any red-blooded true-blue American Partriot!  Emphasis is mine.

The suicide of American sovereignty

As London locks down in feverish anticipation of the arrival of The One, Commentary publishes an important essay by John Bolton on an academic paper articulating what he correctly perceives to be the underlying rationale for Obama’s foreign policy – nothing less than the ending of American sovereignty.

The progressive classes in Britain and Europe have signed up to this idea for years. Dubbed ‘transnational progressivism’, it is based on the belief that the nation state is in and of itself the cause of all the ills of the world, from prejudice to war. Nations cause nationalism; nationalism causes conflict; abolish nations and you abolish conflict and usher in the brotherhood of man. War is replaced by diplomacy, and transnational institutions and values trump national ones. It’s the rationale behind the European Union; it accounts for the near religious veneration of the UN as the supreme global arbiter of international legitimacy and ethics; it explains the enthusiasm for supra-national institutions such as the International Criminal Court, the obeisance to ‘international law’ and the supremacy of ‘universal’ human rights law.

Unfortunately, this latest formula for Utopia is wholly inimical to democracy, actively undermines or prevents countries from acting in their own national self-interest to defend their own citizens, institutionalises deliberately mediated injustice and even terror through appeasement policies instead of ‘just wars’ against tyranny and aggression, and is a recipe for more conflict rather than less as the people progressively rise up against this erosion of their powers of representative self-government.

A large part of Obama’s appeal to the intelligentsia in Britain and Europe is precisely the understanding that he stands for the repudiation of American exceptionalism…

I believe in the ideals, the philosophy, and the culture that most Americans truly share.  I do not believe, however, in the overriding sense of the "collective" and I have no qualms that many of the nations with whom our intelligentsia favor would delight in our decline and bondage.

After all, who needs individual Freedom of Speech, individual liberty, and Rights that they can only dream of (and yet, they are not willing to fight for themselves!).

John Bolton is no crazed, blood shot eyed, raving lunatic.  From being our UN Ambasssador (and evangelist for the America I believe in), he knows how this would not lift those other countries up but would shackle us down.