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Guess who else has an enemies list & likes to nationalize industries

Rush Limbaugh

Rick Santelli

Jim Cramer

David Brooks, by his own admission, was taken to the woodshed by "four senior White House advisors"

Yup, this part of Republicanism, the Nixonian enemies list, has been adopted by Obama – not exactly a ringing endorsement of "best policies", I think (s’all right, Pelosi has one too!)

And we should be surprised?  After all, Obama has only internalized Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.  Remember, he won his first election in Chicago not by beating his opponents at the polls but by making sure their name didn’t even appear at the polls (via pre-voting disqualification processes).  Now instead of political rivals, it is the media he is going after – anyone that publicly dissents (yeah, that Democrat phrase "dissension is the highest form of patriotism has lasted a long time, eh?).

Just like that other socialist running a country:

This week he threatened the remaining independent media outlets in the country, ordering his deputies to create an enemies list of opposition journalists:

"Every mayor, in every city council must make an analysis. How many radio stations are there? What is the content of the programs? Every governor in his or her respective state must do the same analysis. Let us draw a map of the media war. With respect to the newspapers, how many newspapers are owned by the oligarchs in Aragua state, in the municipality of Zamora? There is also a media war on the Internet. There is a daily battle. I beg you to put at the forefront of this battle,"

-Hugo Chavez

And yes, Venezuela’s centrally planned economy is doing oh so well, too, right?