A victim of socialism tells his story - Granite Grok

A victim of socialism tells his story

From someone who has "been there, did that" – a first hand view of the effects of socialism (emphasis mine):

Socialism always stifles talent and ambition, and the more it does so, the more squalid things get. It is no accident that socialism always fails. It fails because of its fundamental assumption that self-interest can be suppressed in human relations. Socialism fails every time because of the arrogant lie upon which it rests. In the depths of his black heart, perhaps even Stalin suspected that Marxist economics was a lie, but he was willing to remove twelve million souls from his worker’s paradise to suppress that doubt.

The reality is that it is free market capitalism that has been responsible for the explosive increases is wealth and productivity in America during the past two hundred years. It is only the public’s impatience, its intolerance of normal business cycles to say nothing of its inability to comprehend and prepare for severe economic dislocations, that makes it hard to see that today. This explosive growth could never be achieved in a society of utopian social planners because the goals of socialist planners do not correspond with the actual motives of human beings in the real world

And with Obama’s overriding socialist zeal to "spread the wealth" and the racheting up of the "get the rich" mentality by many on the Left, once again I have to ask the question:

Why don’t these people read their history – are they that stupid?

No, stupid may not describe it – rather, it is more a case of refusing to give up an ideology that has proven to be a failure (and deadly) every time it has been tried.  And people hate to be proven wrong especially when that ideology is at the core of their being.

The problem that we conservatives have, or any one else that knows that free markets work, is trying to convince others that self-interest is good.  The idea that one can be enriching themselves and their familes ONLY be meeting the needs of others (and convincing them to purchase your product or service) seems to be outrageous to socialists.  No, outright, over-reaching, and all-encompassing greed is not good – but that’s what gets used ("greed") vs self-interest.

That is our fault, and should be a mission.

As with many, Go Read The Whole Thing!