A lesson in American economic moralism for Obama? - Granite Grok

A lesson in American economic moralism for Obama?

From Townhall:

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer Americans are complaining because the “other guys” are paying the bill! With the tax cuts already enacted, for the first time in history, over 51% of Americans will end up paying no income taxes. For the top 5% of American tax payers, it’s a very different story. Since 1980, this group of Americans has seen their share of the income tax load go from 35 percent to nearly 60%. Obama’s Democratic storm troopers don’t feel that’s enough! This isn’t shared sacrifice—it’s forced confiscation…

Could it be that the real greed lies in the citizens who covet what the rich have earned and are all too ready to elect politicians who are willing to legitimize the confiscation of that wealth? The America that the Democrats want to create has moved beyond “equal rights” to promise “equal results!” Far too many Americans feel they’re entitled to a world without failure, to healthcare they can afford, high-paying jobs that are secure and a home they can keep whether they can afford it or not. Doing without is no longer an option!

Obama and the Left only talk about the plight of the "working class" and their economic standing.  What we are beginning to see is that the middle class is starting to rise up and say "it ISN’T fair" for us to have to pay for those that WE deem irresponsible.  Obama the Marxist, I believe, is making a large mistake in that he believes he can demonize the ultra-rich as being the common enemy.  Perhaps in many countries where classism is the norm of life, this still might well be a valid argument (or at least a usable rallying theme).

Problem is here, Americans still believe that anything is possible and that there is nothing wrong in striving to join and be part of the rich.  No, not that the vast majority of us will ever reach those lofty heights, but many of us see the attacks on them as attacks on us – the wannabees.  Most of us do NOT see, as many on the Left do, as greedy, backstabbing, thieves that stole their riches.  In fact, we know many of them and have for years.  They are our neighbors and friends, and are among the hardest working people we know.

Yes, Obama is making a huge mistake – for in attacking them they attack us and our dreams.