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Nanny State rides again – NH House believes adults are little children

Seat Belts - No Excuses 

I was going to put in the title "Democrat led and abetted by Republican".  That is, until I did the math.

Just in:

The New Hampshire House has voted in favor of a bill to make the Granite State the last U.S. jurisdiction to require all drivers and passengers to wear seat belts.

Under current law, only minors have to buckle up. The bill calls for a primary law, meaning police can pull over motorists solely for not wearing seat belts. Twenty-five states have primary laws, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

New Hampshire would receive $3.7 million in federal grants if it passes a primary law. The bill applies to all vehicles except large school buses, cars made before 1968 and vehicles making frequent stops for business purposes. Violators would face a $50 fine for the first offense and a $100 fine for each additional offense.

What was that phrase by Benjamin Franklin:

"Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." 

What we have in Nanny State laws are those that govern deciding that we, the governed, are stupid and have to be told and disciplined if we do not do what they think is right.  "Oh, it will prevent lives from being lost!" and "how about the first responders?" are the usual come-backs.  

Which leads us back to Republican ideals of self-responsibility, limited government, and individual liberty.  The question to be asked is "how is making a behavior like this mandatory helps to fulfill these principles?

Obviously, some of my local Republican legislators from Belknap County believe that they know better than the adults that elected them how those adults should live their lives.  Or perhaps a  better presention – are those that we elect to serve always be responsible to save and  protect ourselves from ourselves?  Those Republicans were:

  • Alida Milham – Gilford
  • "Doc" Pilliod – Belmont
  • Jeff St. Cyr – Alton
  • Peter Bolster – Alton

Oh, that math?

Yeas –  197  Nays – 155

25 Republicans voted for this Nanny State.  Flip them.  Result?

Yeas – 172  Nays – 180

The other Republicans"

  • Peter Bergin
  • Lyle Bulis
  • Margaret Crisler
  • Debra DeSimone
  • James Devine
  • Robert Elliot
  • Larry Emerton
  • John Gleason
  • Kenneth Gould
  • Richard Hinch
  • George Katsakiores
  • Phyllis Katsakiores
  • David Kidder
  • Frank Kotowski
  • Robert L’Hereux
  • Irene Messier
  • David Palfrey
  • William Remick
  • John Sedensky
  • Burton Williams 
  • Jayne Spaulding

Um, let’s add this – The Democrat led State of New Hampshire is in deep sneakers financially and the Dems were given their marching orders to figure out ways to raise taxes / find more funds.  Well, this is a simple $3.7 million.  Self-control with respect to money?  Not exactly a strong trait as we have seen.

Liberty for a pot of porridge.  A pot that would have been completely unneeded if the Dems hadn’t gone on a spending bender.

And liberty set aside for mere money is not soon regained.

But look on the bright side – this law also gives the State a new Revenue source too!

(a) $50 for a first offense.

(b) $100 for a second or subsequent offense.