Hypocrites... - Granite Grok


Over the last few months we have watched the Congressional leaders excoriate the auto executives coming in on their private jets as they put their hands palms up for billions. While a PR disaster, so was the effort in driving to DC for the next round – such silliness!  Time IS money in business and when face time is important and distances long, private jets are the tool to use.  Being a frequent flyer with United (you know, I have a post about them I haven’t finished….hmmm) and I cannot TELL you how much time I wasted during layovers waiting for connections.  And, how much more time was wasted when those connections are missed.  Flying commercial can be less expensive but it is not always cheaper.

Which is what Barney Frank (D-MA)(yeah, again, he just cannot help himself) is aiming for when going after these CEOs and their staffs.  To a point, Frank is right – companies that are running themselves into the ground (aided and shoved by the UAW) ought to be cutting every corner.  Playing the class card (those eevil rich capitalists that steal from the workers!), he and the other Congresscritters cuts them to ribbons for this unnecessary expense (and frankly, doing it more for the TV audience / PR than for actual effects).

If this was such a bug-a-boo, then ‘splain it to me why it seems so many of our leaders in Congress are often on board such aircraft themselves?

And if not a corporate jet, how about riding corporate jets that are corporate jets owned by the Federal Government?  Like what Barney Frank rides:

The story dates from 2007. Various news outlets (CNN, Washington Examiner) report that Congressman Barney Frank has been to Brussels and, as well, London. On the trip with him is his House Financial Services buddy, Rep. Maxine Waters. How did they get there? After all, this is the crew (along with another HFS Committee member, California’s Brad Sherman) who would soon be hauling carmakers and bankers in front of their committee to complain about the use of private jets from those who accept taxpayer dollars.

Well, they flew, of course. Specifically on a Boeing 737 Executive Jet operated by 201st Airlift Squadron of the D.C. Air Reserve Guard. Which is to say, a jet paid for by the taxpayers. You. Were they cramped in their seats? No. We learn that the Barnster and Maxie were in "plush first class seats." They had 34 to chose from. Plus, according to CNN, a conference area with table and full length couch, retractable movie screens that pop out of ceiling to see the latest movie, and a galley for full meals, snacks, and appetizers. This leaves out the Air Force stewards at their beck and call, not to mention the usual staff, both civilian and military.

Cost to hike Mr. Frank and Ms. Waters and their entourage across the pond to a couple European capitals and back? $10,000 an hour. Cost for that part of the adventure? $160,000.

The difference between the CEOs and these clowns?  The latter win elections and can demagogue well.  Both sets ride in biz jets just fine….it’s just that only one set does it honestly…