Let's just feel good about ourselves, shall we? And never mind those little consequences... - Granite Grok

Let’s just feel good about ourselves, shall we? And never mind those little consequences…

Filed under Hypocrisy.  From the Daily Freeman:

WOODSTOCK — The Town Board is considering acting locally while thinking globally. Specifically, members are discussing whether to try to prohibit the local manufacture of parts used for military equipment.

The concern arises from the fact that Ametek Rotron Inc. has a manufacturing operation on Hasbrouck Lane in Woodstock, and a letter submitted to the Town Board by 14 local residents notes the company makes parts for helicopters, rocket launchers, tanks and armored personnel carriers…

Councilwoman Liz Simonson, agreeing with the residents’ letter, suggested town officials ask the company for a list of items it manufactures in Woodstock.

“For a town that prides itself on trying to create a zoning law that protects the environment, I can sort of see that the environment has a global scale,” Simonson said. “We’re protecting our own little hub of livelihood here, but it doesn’t speak well of us to say we’ll protect our own resources from degradation but we’ll manufacturer things that we can ship to other parts of the world (that will) destroy other parts of the world.

“I like the idea of trying to start a dialogue,” Simonson added. “I don’t want to be the person who says, ‘No, we don’t want you here because you’re making this,’ but to make them understand that perhaps people of Woodstock don’t want to be shipping these things to the rest of the world so we can destroy their environment while we sit in a nice little tidy place and protect our own.”

The letter signed by the 14 town residents said: “We’d like to know exactly what weapons systems have components that are made in Woodstock. We believe that the people of Woodstock can and should work together with local business people and the town government to create a local economy that is sustainable and ethical.”

The letter said studies conducted by the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts show “conversion from military to peaceful production can be done without jeopardizing jobs.”

Jobs? But what about security?  When I read articles like this, I try to stretch it out in time and in location as well.  I just keep being dazzled by the sheer ignorance of some people whose only need is to feel good about themselves.  Yes, wouldn’t it be nice to believe that if they unilaterally "disarmed" their arms manufacturer (yet another company paying good wages, I bet)?  And wouldn’t that just make themselves feel just so warm and fuzzy about themselves?  And if we did this all over the USA, well, wouldn’t the planet just be a much better place?

And they fail to see Mumbai, Bali, London, Somali, Sudan, Chechnya, North Korea, the illegal drug cartels at the Mexican border – the list goes on and on.  There are bad actors out there – and they just love people like these pacifist people.

Speaking of bad actors – tell me, has Woodstock decided to disarm itself by denying its citizens of police protection?  Same deal, writ small. And think of the money they’d save – they could turn the Commons into organic farmland…drum circle anyone?