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Obama – the Hypocrite in Chief

UPDATE: From InstaPundit (emphasis mine):

Bob Krumm emails: "The most damning part of the Obama aunt story is that once his campaign found her living in squalor they told her to not talk to the press until after the election, but they didn’t try to help her." He has a post here to that effect.

UPDATE: Some thoughts from TigerHawk: " I have finally figured out why somebody who has been as successful as Barack Obama believes that the government must help people who cannot or do not help themselves: He simply does not understand that helping the poor, unlucky, or incompetent is first the responsibility of family."

Plus this: "He has used these people — his grandmother, his aunt and uncle, and so forth — as props in his political narrative. He wants us to measure him in part by his relationship to these Kenyans, but — and here is the harsh part — only as that relationship is described by him. What if his characterization of that relationship is misleading? What if it turns out that while he is delighted to cite these people as evidence of his humble beginnings — that is what I mean by using them as props — he is not so delighted to consider them as part of his family? Is that not at least a potentially useful insight into the character of this man about whom we know so little?"


What a piece of work this guy is.  First we find out about his half-brother living on $12 / year in a hovel in Kenya. Obama has said

"I am my brother’s Keeper".

Has Obama reached out a hand to help?  Sadly, no.

He also promised a school back in Kenya that he would help them out…..turns out, after the photo op, he skipped out on the promise – conservative bloggers are trying to pick up the pieces:

You may have read the story about the Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School, where Senator Obama promised the school that he’d deliver aid to them and never followed through?  Well, Juliette Ochieng at Baldilocks is from the same Kenyan tribe as Obama, and is working to set up a non-profit to help the Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School the funding they need.  The school set up an upgrade plan that would cost 8.2 million Kenyan Shillings, which amounts to about $130,000.

The upgrades would include tapping a well for the school, installing latrines, modernizing the building, adding classrooms, finishing an basic science lab, and putting up a perimeter fence.  These are all basic needs for any school, and $130,000 is not that much money to raise with enough help.

He has said that we are all in this together, that we are all responsible for each other.

Has he followed up with his promise?  Sadly, no.   

So much for keeping promises to little kids – what about his promises to us?  This is what their socialist government does for its kids – what will socialist Obama have his socialist government do for us?

Now we found out that his dear auntie is living in poverty in Boston:

Barack Obama has lived one version of the American Dream that has taken him to the steps of the White House. But a few miles from where the Democratic presidential candidate studied at Harvard, his Kenyan aunt and uncle, immigrants living in modest circumstances in Boston, have a contrasting American story.

Zeituni Onyango, the aunt so affectionately described in Mr Obama’s best-selling memoir Dreams from My Father, lives in a disabled-access flat on a rundown public housing estate in South Boston.

A second relative believed to be the long-lost “Uncle Omar” described in the book was beaten by armed robbers with a “sawed-off rifle” while working in a corner shop in the Dorchester area of the city. He was later evicted from his one-bedroom flat for failing to pay $2,324.20 (£1,488) arrears, according to the Boston Housing Court.

The US press has repeatedly rehearsed Mr Obama’s extraordinary odyssey, but the other side of the family’s American experience has only been revealed in parts. Just across town from where Mr Obama made history as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, some of his closest blood relatives have confronted the harshness of immigrant life in America.

…Speaking outside her home in Flaherty Way, South Boston, on Tuesday, Ms Onyango, 56, confirmed she was the “Auntie Zeituni” in Mr Obama’s memoir. She declined to answer most other questions about her relationship with the presidential contender until after the November 4 election. “I can’t talk about it, I just pray for him, that’s all,” she said, adding: “After the 4th, I can talk to anyone.”

…She is a frail woman who walks with the aid of a metal stick. Neighbours said that she lived alone in a ground-floor flat normally set aside for people facing physical hardship.

An Associated Press story about poor people buying lottery tickets at cheque-cashing shops, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, on May 25, 2003, quotes a Zeituni Onyango whom it describes as out of work and without much money. “It’s like when I feel luck might fall I do that, like manna might come from Heaven. That’s when I buy it,” she told AP.

…The Obama campaign was repeatedly approached for comment yesterday but had not responded at the time of going to press. It is not clear whether Mr Obama has been in touch with his African relatives living in the US, or even whether he is aware that they are on US soil.

So, here is Obama, preaching that we all have to take care of everyone that is downtrodden in America.  He will raise taxes on the rich to help the poor – after all, it’s neighborly!  He is always  couching his words in Biblical terms "the least of these". He wants his judges to have empathy for the poor and oppressed.  He holds up the disenfranchised as those that society should embrace.

And THAT’S MY PROBLEM WITH HIM!!!  Like ALL SOCIALISTS, they want to pawn off their personal problems, their personal responsibilities, on the rest of us.  I see "regular" families on incomes far lower than his making extraordinary efforts to help out their family members.  He is in the upper 1% of all income earners – and he can’t even help out his own family??

And yet, he is determined that all of us that have sweated and worked to the bone will be forced to "help those that need it" – and he just does nothing???? And his campaign puts a muzzle on poor auntie.

Yeah, if I was Obama, I’d want her to be quiet too – kinda spoils the marketing effort.

I guess the UK paper th
at broke the story didn’t get the "you’re part of the main stream media, you have to love me!" memo.  I appreciate them doing the job that American journalists refused to do…