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Sarah Palin – what a move!


Being a telecommuter, I got to watch the event where Senator McCain introduced Gov. Palin as his running mate.  After listening to her speak, my smile just gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

One observation:

Last night, the Democrat crowd at Invesco Field were constantly shouting "Obama"

Just now, the Republican crowd were constantly shouting "U.S.A."

Difference noted – an emphasis on a person vs an emphasis on our country. 

Your mileage will vary…..

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin (R), Governor of Alaska

I’ll second what Doug said!

Great move – She HAS to have some appeal to the female vote (think disaffected, moderate, Hillary supporters too!) and to the conservative base of the GOP. Tough, driven, smart (and needless to say, photogenic) – McCain may have just reinvigorated his campaign yet again with this pick!


You can be SURE that the Meet The New Press gang will be talking about this tomorrow (9-11am EDT, live streamed right here at GraniteGrok!)