Meet The New Press - Podcast for 8/30/08 - Granite Grok

Meet The New Press – Podcast for 8/30/08

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Week of 08/16/08
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Hour 1                                        Hour 2

Hour One:

Opening Banter – we are the real deal for open and honest government like Sarah Palin! Skip and Doug discuss the Union Leader report on responses to Sarah Palin featuring Fran Wendelboe’s reaction in the story.  Gov. Palin’s mantra IS openness and transparency in government.  Gilford’s Gus Benevides is leading the charge in Gilford at the Town level to make the Town’s website to have more info on it concerning the Town’s activities, budgets, and processes.  However, the Gilford School Board has said no along with the Belknap County Commission concerning theirs (but Tom Tardif, running for Belknap County Commission, has promised to do so – please vote for him if you live in Laconia).

Grant Bosse, running to win the NH-2 Republican Primary, calls in from Hillsboro (soon to be at the Hopkinton Fair) talks about Labor Day but wants an Entrepreneurs Day established.  He also wants everyone to vote on September 9 (and is asking for your vote if you live in NH CD-2).  Sarah Palin – he loves the conservative views she has ((guns, down home outlook, what she has done in elected office with cleaning up the Rs in Alaska).  Grant brings up the State Jet sale on eBay by Palin.  New blood -> go on principles and not there to get along. What is correct bipartisanship? Grant says it straight on contrasting himself with his competitors.

Holly Robichaudthe Lone Republican: "not having a good day unless she is making a big government Liberal miserable".  Stories about Sarah Palin as a result of doing training for Republican women.  She walks the Talk, recruits people, restores integrity – took on the good old boys. No RINO – called the earmarkers into her office to explain themselves. Obama’s speech?  She stole the lime light.  Discusses when Dems attack her, they also attack Obama. Her ability to keep a secret (her vetting process).  Impact on the Hillary supporters or feminists. Sexism attacks – "she should be taking care of her baby."


Hour Two:

Opening banter – the listeners have made us #1.  UL article on SWAT.

Jeb Bradley, Republican candidate in NH CD-1, returns to talk about his race to win the Republican Primary and then face Carol Shea-Porter and win back his seat in Congress.  He discusses what Sarah Palin does for the ticket (Excellent choice and here’s why: shaking up the race, accountability, outsider, smart, tough – debating with Biden).  Jeb’s mailer – fiscal conservative on taxes.  Will always support the vets.  Energy (conserve, yes, but need MORE – do all!).  His experience.  Small business owner experience brings real world experience to Congress – brings the perspective that you have to earn your money instead of taking it in taxes. Effects of raising minimum wage (more teenage unemployment means less job training for later).  How about a "training wage"?  Why the US Chamber of Commerce endorsed Jeb.  Veteran affairs – we should not compromise.  Carol Shea-Porter has consistently voted against supporting the troops and what they need.

Soren Dayton from joins us to give us the scoop on the reaction of those gathering at the Republican Convention about Sarah Palin and the mood it will engender – her effects on the race; debating with Biden; attacking crooked Republicans. What are Obama’s accomplishments vs Sarah Palin?  Her success in getting a new pipeline and beat the Oil companies.  She can talk Energy!  Her husband will help the appeal to the common folks.  What’s the buzz at the RNC?  Why The Next Right and what is it supposed to do and be?  The news "suck away" from Obama to Palin.


No SchlubCam this week.