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Have the Dems wrought the same thing here in NH?

One of the most bitter political battles this past legislative season was the repeal of the Parental Notification bill here in NH.  Passed by the Dems and a few RINOs, it basically said "the State knows better how to take care of your children; we believe that parents do not have to be notified when your female child wants an abortion".

Sure the Dems believe that government should stay out of personal lives – but not when it comes to killing unborn babies.  Or, as the story below shows, parents dealing with the aftermath of botched medical procedures that the State (in this case, Britain)

Yeah, sure thing Liberals – keep believing that that the US needs to be more like the Europeans!

From the Telegraph (England) (H/T: Ann Marie)

Schoolgirl dies two weeks after parents not told of school doctor treatment

Teachers did not inform a sixth form student’s family that they had taken her to see a doctor two weeks before she died from heart failure.

The parents of Kasia Ber have instructed solicitors to bring a legal action against the school after her condition went undiagnosed and her death was triggered by her mobile phone alarm.

Kasia, 17, developed palpitations and shortness of breath during a class at Byron Sixth Form College, in Peterlee, Co Durham, on Dec 14 2005. Staff took her to see a GP who diagnosed her with stress and she told them not to tell her parents because she did not want to worry them. She returned to the doctor four days later to undergo an electrocardiogram (ECG) and it is claimed she was given no further treatment.

Kasia collapsed at home in Horden 14 days later and tests showed she had to genetic disorder Long QT syndrome, which can be treated with beta blockers. Her mother Diane, 44, who was later diagnosed with the same condition, said: "If we had known we could have done something. "How could they know our child was ill and not tell the people who were in the best position to care for her?"

The sixth form, part of St Bede’s Comprehensive School, denied any wrongdoing and an internal inquiry found staff had acted appropriately.


He said: "On each occasion the finding was that the school’s actions were entirely correct and in accordance with the legal ruling known as the Gillick Principle."

The House of Lords established the Gillick Principle which means parents do not have to be informed about medical visits and health problems if a child does not want them to know.

In England, the Nanny-Knows-Better-State is much further along than here in the US and this should serve as a serious warning to those here in the US that believe that the State should have this kind of role.  I maintain that a parent (the vast majority and not the outliers that Liberals are always using in their stilted arguments) ALWAYS has their child’s best interest at heart.

Now, the government workers may well have a twinge of guilt or sorrow about this sorry incident, but the parents will grieve forever.  And that is the difference – of being involved and feeling good about what you think you are doing vs having to suffer the consequences for a lifetime.

Involvment vs fully committed.

I cannot think of another way of saying it, for I never wish to see that day come, but I wonder how many Liberals WILL rue the day that they started the process and the law to classify 13 year old girls to be women just to keep the feminist ideal of "right to choose" alive.  To believe that government knows better, cares better, and can do better for most of society’s children than their parents just boggles my mind.  Especially if and when it ever turns out to be that it is their child that suffers the consequence above.  And then they have to live the consequence of not only losing a daughter, but knowing full well that they, as legislators, may have set the stage for other parents to suffer the same fate…..I pray it never happens to ANYONE!

It may well be that some parents need help – it should be there for them upon asking.  But to freeze out the parents?

I think not.