Friday Humor - "You know" - Granite Grok

Friday Humor – “You know”

Oh yes:

Mrs. Treemont was walking by a pet store, when a parrot in the doorway called to her, "Hey lady, you are really ugly!".  She was furious and yelled at the store owner.  He promised it would never happen again.  

However, the next day she was walking past the pet store when again the parrot called to her, "Hey lady, you are really ugly!".  Mrs. Treemont was furious and told the store owner that if it happened again, she would sue him and have the bird taken away by the authorities.  The worried store manager promised the parrot would never say it again.  

The next time, Mrs. Treemont was walking past the store, the parrot said, "hey lady!"  She paused and said, "Yes?".

The parrot said, "You know".

(H/T: Wayne)

Yes, oh yes!  Reminds me how the ‘Grok Stunt Guy (the Eldest) operates – ever since he started talking……still does, too!  Evaluate the system, find the loophole, and exploits it.