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Yup, I needed this kind of help!

Sure thing!  I’ll always take a bit of "economic stimulus" coming my way (hey folks, feel free to take out a BlogAds Ad, or hit the tipjar).  In fact, my government just can’t WAIT to let me know how magnamimous – with my money.  Especially when it might not be needed.

Thus,  when a flyer came from my Congressman, Carol Shea-Porter, I was not surprised:

Need help with your tax rebate?
"My office is here to help." – Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter 

Then it qoes on to say who is eligible, do I have to file, and when should I start rubbing my hands in glee upon getting my own tax money back in my pocket.

You know, there IS something that her office can help me with.  At the very bottom on the inside right was a little message (bold emphasis was her’s):

Please note:

Undocumented workers are not eligible.  You must have a valid Social Security number to receive a rebate.

Given the phrase "undocumented workers" shows where she stands on enforcing our Federal laws. 

Um, your help?  Make it such that the above notification NEVER has to be explicitly stated again.