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Sure – I’LL let the IRS do my taxes for me….

From the Union Leader:

Shaheen, Sununu propose tax changes on filing deadline

MANCHESTER – Democratic senatorial candidate Jeanne Shaheen proposed a simplified, one-page tax return yesterday, while her Republican rival — U.S. Sen. John Sununu — called for a simpler, fairer tax system.

The two made comments yesterday, the deadline for filing federal income tax returns for 2007.

Shaheen’s voluntary RapidReturn proposal would have the IRS fill out tax returns and send them to taxpayers to sign and send back. It would apply only to people who take the standard deduction and do not itemize.

Change?  I thought that the Dems were all about Change?  I see Sununu wanting Change – identifiable, believable change to the nation’s yearly April 15th heartburn.

Shaheen?  A band -aid; let’s not change the system, just make it so that the GOVERNMENT figures out how much you owe.  Get that?  The same IRS that have been proven to be more wrong about called in tax questions than right!

"Every year on April 15, Tax Day, people go to the post offices all over New Hampshire to mail their tax returns, and most people are tired, and they’re frustrated, and they think there’s got to be a better way," she said.

Absolutely right, Ms. Shaheen.  Pray tell, why do you think that people are tired, frustrated, and KNOW that there is a better way?

Here’s a clue – this is just more of "we’re from the Government and we are here to help you!" thinking.  After all, it’s been the Democrats that wave that tax code like it was both a magic wand to "make the world a utopia" and a club "behave the way we want or we will tax you out of existence".  THAT’S the reason why people are ready to through the tax books back at ya!


Sununu said Americans don’t need new tax forms. They need a new tax code that’s simple, honest and fair.

"Instead, we have rules that change every year, many that expire in one or two years, and three different systems, one for those who itemize deductions, one for those who don’t, and an Alternative Minimum Tax, which affects thousands it was never intended to cover," he said in a statement.

Huzzah!  Actually, my favorite is the REAL FairTax, HR 25 – the Fair Tax Act.  No form needed at all, April 15th disappears, and the IRS only collects retail taxes.  You get taxed on what you consume with a Prebate to protect the poor.

Why?  The tax code IS difficult:

Yesterday, hardworking taxpayers across America once again scrambled to comply with our nation’s burdensome and confusing tax code. It seems as though each year complying with the federal tax code becomes more time consuming and tricky. According to the Tax Foundation, as of 2005, IRS regulations contained over 6,958,000 words – that’s almost nine times the total number of words in the King James Bible. Additionally, the IRS currently lists 1,047 separate forms, schedules, and instructions on its website. In fiscal year 2006, the IRS estimated that individual and business taxpayers spent 6.65 billion hours complying with tax laws. That is the equivalent of 3.2 million employees working 40-hour weeks year-round without any vacation. Clearly, American taxpayers are spending too much time and money complying with the current tax code, and I am working hard to make the process of paying taxes easier and more fair on everyone.

Back to the Union Leader: 

Although the IRS already offers a short 1040-EZ form, she said an estimated one-half of EZ filers pay a tax preparer to fill it out. Those who fill it out themselves need an average seven hours to do so, she said.  "It’s frustrating, it’s expensive, it’s unnecessarily complicated, and I think we need to simplify the tax return," she said.

Clue reduex – it’s not the form – root cause analysis says it is the tax code driving the tax form, my dear.  Fix / revamp / replace the tax code and the form will take care of itself. 

Also note: VERY important – the 1040-EZ form has no provision to deduct for dependants.  So she is offering only a very partial solution (that discrimates against families).