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NH – So much for the NH way – Dems throw frugality out the window?

A loyal reader passed this along concerning the fiscal mess that the Dems have wrought here in NH:

Governor John Lynch was handed a Democrat majority in all branches of government in New Hampshire in November of 2006. This was the first time that Democrats had control of all branches in over one hundred years.

 It took the Democrats exactly one year to bankrupt the state as we face a $50 million budget shortfall. Governor Lynch was warned as he based his budget on inflated revenue projections that New Hampshire could not sustain an increase in spending of 17.5%. He did not listen to those evil, children hating Republicans.

This post snippet is from a new blog to me: mpinkeyes….I think I’ll toddle over there from time to time…

And yes, this is filed under Taxes, because you should know that a bill has already been put into the hopper for…yup….wait for it….an income tax.  Classic – run up expenditures with overblown revenue projections, blame the problem on a Republican President, and go for the throats of our wallets.

Once again, the Left screws up and we will pay and pay and pay for it. Question to ask yourself – do you REALLY think that they’ll apologize for it?

Naw, didn’t think so. 

The better question to ask is – will there be a consequence for these Dem dim-wits? 

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