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Letter to the Editor

I was struck by this Letter to the Editor that was printed in my local paper.  It speaks to the creeping march towards socialism that the Democrats, especially Hillary, would have us embrace.  Why do they do this when the empirical evidence that is so easily available.  Just think of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and the horrible mess his "21st Century Socialism" is starting to wreak upon his nation – many of his programs, ostensibly to make the live of ordinary person or peasant better, are turning to crud.  Ditto Cuba.  Ditto any of the communist nations.  One only has to compare the free market nations to those that are much more socialistic (think France) and the corressponding standard of living to see which is better.

The only difference between Hugo and Hillary is that she would be prevented from doing it all in one swell foop (I’ve wanted to do that for a long time – swell foop!).

Anyways:(bold is my emphasis)

Editor, The Citizen: Recently there was a political ad on TV, in which a number of children appear consecutively pleading for politicians to tell the truth and not to make promises they could not keep etc… The final battle cry was: HEATH CARE AND  FINANCIAL SECURITY FOR ALL.

"FINANCIAL SECURITY FOR ALL" sounds great, if you know nothing about the consequences. What would happen to the incentive to work, productivity, creativity, competition, and all the other factors necessary to support a thriving economy and subsequent decent standard of living, if we all had financial security provided by the government? The answer is that all of the above parameters would be stifled, to the point where no one would have much of anything. Each and every dollar that goes  into the government’s communal cornucopia and every "perceived" free goody that comes out diminishes, to some extent, the productivity required to support an acceptable standard of living.

As an example of preconceived free goodies, consider the following. I recently had cataract surgery and lens replacement in both eyes with out ever asking what the cost would be. Why? Because I knew Medicare would pay for it. Would I have had it done if the cost came out of my pocket? Not likely.

The number of examples of collectivism’s failures are too numerous to be addressed here, the Soviet Union for example, thus only the first failure on this continent will be discussed: as follows.

After years of very hard times and significant loss of life, the governor (Bradford) of the pilgrims, at Plymouth MA, decided that the people should put all their provisions in a communal barn. Each would contribute according to their ability to produce and each would take what was dictated by their needs.

After several years the governor noted that many people were not contributing according to their ability to produce and many were taking much more than their needs indicated. So he abandoned the communal barn idea and came up with a new edict. Hey! If you don’t work, you don’t eat! He recognized that people need a threat in order to do their very best; not financial security for all. Too bad Marx and Engels didn’t know their history. They could have saved a lot of people in the Soviet Union and elsewhere a lot of pain and anguish. (and the deaths of 100 million people last century -Skip)

When the writer was a child, age ten or so, there was a huge wooden building up in back of the school. It was called the "poor farm". Teachers used to tell us that was where we would end up if we didn’t do our homework. This provided a great incentive to do our "shoulds", as did the men in the square selling pencils, apples, and shoe strings during the thirties. So much for the government providing financial security for all. There is nothing like a few bad examples to get the best out of us.

I wish all the conservative pundits in the media would stop addressing one crummy socialistic idea at a time, health care for example, and start attacking the pitfalls of the "whole" miserable concept of Socialism and put some meat on the bones of the skeleton that has been presented here.

As has been shown over and over socialism, collectivism, progressivism, what ever you chose to call it — doesn’t work. Marx and Engels had it wrong. Their ideas are doomed to failure because they go against the very grain or nature of the way in which we evolved or the way GOD created us. Take your pick. We are not communal by nature like the bees or the ants.

Some might find this dissertation a bit on the sarcastic side. It is going to take a lot more than sarcasim to overcome the situation we find ourselves in.

If the democrats win the next election, I will see you all at the communal barn. Look for me. I will be riding a donkey and frequently using a very large whip vigorously.

Earl C. Peason, Jr.
North Sandwich