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He said WHAT?!??!?!?

UPDATE: It was pointed out to me that this post, taken from PolitiGazette entitled

John McCain: For Democrats, There’s No Difference Between Me and Clinton

was labeled as satire (which I missed).  That’s ok, I’m human.  Being that it is satire, feel free to laugh out loud.

Doug (and I) have often said of times when elected Republicans move from the right to the center (and start sounding like Democrats) to simply pander for votes:

Why vote for Democrat-lite when you can vote for real thing? 

Often, NH’s Bob Smith is roundly booed for this kind of behavior (and others are mentioned as well).  In fact, if you read the ‘Grok regularly, you will realize that we are not in favor (I’m being kind here) of Republicans acting like Democrats (Examples here in NH? Think raising the tolls, parental notification, calls to raise the gas tax, and what seems to be only tepid opposition to a broadbased tax). 

If you read us often, you KNOW that we stand on conservative principles and hardly ever stray from them.  This is still true even as Doug and I have our kerfuffle over "our guys" (Fred and McCain). 

Well, I hate (in several ways) to do this, but this has been reported:

if Republicans want to win, they ought to nominate a Democrat. President Bush is highly unpopular right now, we have to distance ourselves from him. What better way to do that than to run as a Democratic Republican?”

Aw jeesh…..and throw another log on the fire:

The Senator went on to call on Michigan Democrats to vote in the Republican primary today. “If you can vote for Hillary Clinton, and for me, what’s the difference? We’re both acceptable to Democrats.”

Nothing like throwing Republicans under the bus?  Nothing like dissing the conservative base…..nothing like keeping that warm and fuzzy feeling at full force?

If a Republican is going to openly act like a Dem, why do I want to vote for him or her?

I realize that to win the Presidency, that uncommitted sliver in the middle has to be persuaded to come to our side.  Yet, time and time again, why is it that Repubs believe that they have to act and talk like Dems to get the Dem votes?  Even Doug says that it seldom works (even here in NH). 

Ugh…Thanks, Senator McCain….I can feel the love…..


Why do so few Republicans actually take on the full range of issues in a campaign and argue from Republican principles and win the day in terms of the public square of ideas instead of a bait and switch technique?  Why not provide stark contrasts between Rs and Ds and intelligently persuade that our ideas are better?

That’s right, there is one -> think Fred! 

(H/T: The Mad Irishman’s Conservative Consortium)