We give thanks to Almighty God... - Granite Grok

We give thanks to Almighty God…

…who has blessed us, our families and friends, and this Nation.  Even as there are those that believe that our Nation is stumbling and will never achieve their version of utopia (and never cease to kvetch to the rest of us), we have much to be thankful for in this country.  We are financially the richest nation on the planet, we are militarily the most powerful nation in the world, we are the largest economy ever seen in history.  We can come and go as we wish.  Our nation is yet the melting pot of the world where many races and nationalities have shown that we can live in harmony with each other – not the norm at any time or any other place.

But more importantly, we have the most free media anywhere that allows us to speak our minds and to criticize our leaders and neighbors, we have the freedom of speech that allows us to spread those thoughts to anyone what will listen, and the freedom to associate with others of like mind.  We can freely choose our leaders – and get rid of them freely too!

We also posses the freedom of religion to praise our God without fearing for our families or ourselves.  I am thankful for this country that believes that our rights emanate from God and not from the whims of men. 

No, we are not a perfect nation – and I hope and pray that God is not done with us yet, that we will become better still. I have reservations that we will ever become the Utopia that some feel we must be before stopping their kvetching, but compared to almost any other nation on Earth, there is much to count as blessings.  We ARE the shining beacon of light in a world that often time has no light at all. 

And I believe it is because God has blessed this nation.

And for that, I give thanks… 

Puritan Thanksgiving

The true meaning of Thanksgiving; truly giving heartfelt thanks to God.

Take a moment, close your eyes, and remember the maxim by which they lived – giving thanks for anything requires a contrite, open, and willing heart and acknowledged that there is a Higher Power than themselves that, even as half the Pilgrims had died of illness and starvation, would look out for them and would bless them. 

They certainly did…will we?