Thoughts on leaving - which Republicans should? - Granite Grok

Thoughts on leaving – which Republicans should?

Sorry, gotta say it.

Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter – nice guys, good guys.  Love Tancredo on the illegal immigration stance (not so much on some other things).  Duncan Hunter is a stand up kinda guy – it is unfortunate that his campaign just hasn’t caught on.

Ron Paul – you’ve just been added to the list.  My number one issue is Islamofacists and you talk as if the Pacific and Atlantic oceans will still provide safety for us; that if we pick up and leave, our problems with Muslims will just go away.  Mark my words, if we do not WIN, we will LOSE big time (and leaving and saying we won doesn’t mean we did). Yes, your supporters are rock solid and want you to win, but they tick off the rest of us….including me.  That is as much a reason for me as any.