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The ‘Grok is watching the earmarks

Simply stated, earmarks are items stuck into a spending / budget ary bill that directs money to specific companies, people, or other entities for purposes or reasons only known by the legislator creating the earmark.  Add to that definition, it is often for products or services that have NOT been requested by the department that is associated with that bill.

In other words – think PORK!


Political Pork

Now, some believe that it is a Representative’s responsibility to "bring home the bacon" to the District.  Well, after seeing how conflated some of latest budget bills have become with pet projects costing us taxpayers lots of money.  And given that Speaker Pelosi and the other Democrats made it a campaign issue to stop the "culture of corruption", it is rather amusing (and sad) that the Dems have gone FAR beyond the Republicans during this session (and much to my chagrin, the Republicans were far from being slouches in this regards before falling out of the majority in the last election).

Well, it seems that our new freshmen Reps, Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes, have learned this lesson rather well and quickly…

From JUST the latest Defense Bill, Rep. Paul Hodes had the following:

$1,500,000    Scientific Solutions, Inc   Nashua, NH
                    Swimmer Detection Sonar Network (with Shea-Porter)

$3,000,000    Malden Mills   Lawrence, MA 
                    Fleece Insulating Liners for Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (Generation III)

$2,000,000    Vehicle Control Training, LLC   Dalton, NH
                    Synthetic Auto Virtual Environment

$2,500,000    Multiple Recipients
                    Multi Climate Protection System

Total => $9,000,000


And Carol Shea-Porter?

$1,500,000   Scientific Solutions, Inc   Nashua, NH
                   Swimmer Detection Sonar Network (with Hodes)

$2,000,000   Multiple Recipients
                   Commercial Technologies for Maintenance Activities

$1,500,000   Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute    Lee, NH
                   Autonomous Undersea Vehicle Applications Center

$2,000,000   Granite State Manufacturing   Manchester, NH
                   MK2 Mod2 Anti-Submarine Warfare Training System

Total => $7,000,000

So remember folks, both of these folks have raised our taxes by $16,000,000 over and above what was asked for the the Department of Defense.

Fiscal conservatives?  Naw…..