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Shades of Newt and 1995?

Pelosi + Murtha + Reid = Newt?
Speaker Pelosi  +   Murtha Obey  +  Majority Leader Harry Reid    =  Newt

In 1995, Newt Gringrich and President Clinton played a "game of chicken" concerning the funding of the government; both fundamentally lost .  While Clinton lost the funding, Newt lost the PR war; in politics, the latter was more damaging.   

Well, history does have a way of repeating itself, and this time it is the Democrats that are leading the way, this time assuming the mantle of Newt.  They hold the purse strings, as did Newt over a decade ago.  And President Bush is the alter Clinton in this scenario.  Yet, a large fundamental difference is going ignored – this is about troops in a war zone with lives at stack while before it was merely bureacrats staying home.

Trust me, Americans know the difference.  Supporting the troops does not equal supporting bureacrats (who did get their pay et al after the kerfuffle was over).  Americans, when it all comes down to it, will not stand for troops being used as pawns. 

the attempt by the Democrats to shut down the Iraq War is now going to the next level – the question is going to be "who is going to win this game of chicken"?  So far, the Dems are 0 for 41 in getting President Bush to change his mind and yank the troops home.  Frankly, this shows that this Democratic are the acting out the role of the definition of insanity as defined by Einstein – doing the same thing over and over again expecting the outcome to differ.

So what’s making up the game?  Money and retreat!  The Dems, lead by Murtha (and I agree with my son, the former Marine, that Murtha should be an ex-Marine) and Obey are stating:

  • We’ll give you $50 Billion for the troops
  • You have to bring the troops home – just give up and break your promise.

The Dems seem to forget that Bush does say what he means and means what he says – he has stated that while he is President, he will see this through.  The Dems, beholden to their uber-Lefty base during a Presidential Primary, think that they can beat this Texan cowboy at Texas Hold’em.  Trouble is – he ain’t bluffin’.

The Dems refuse to acknowledge all of the good things that the Surge has brought – the violence has crashed statistically, Baghdad is returning to normal, ex-pats are moving back, and Al Queda is on the run.  Pushed out of Baghdad, they subsequently were pushed out of Anbar and Diyala provinces.  They didn’t help their own cause with their their ham fisted ways (killing the tribal chieftains and sheiks doesn’t help) of demanding a way of Wahabist living that the Sunnis did not want.

The Surge has worked and the reconciliation has begun and is picking up steam as it rolls down the tracks.  The Dems look silly as they continue to yammer about not being able to win militarily.  Their insistence of top down reconciliation and progress looks plain stupid in light of the grass roots level of reconciliation that has happened at the tribal levels.  

Things do not go as planned in war time.  This refusal to acknowledge that good things have happened, and that the civil war formented by AQ by blowing up the Golden Dome has now been broken.  Al Sadr is all but in hiding, his militia is being hunted down, AQ has all but been thrown out, the Sunni tribes are laying down their arms (if not shooting at AQ)…

My jaw can only drop when I hear Pelosi, Murtha, Reid, and Obey continue to state that we are losing – sound the RETREAT!

They continue to ignore the basic law of war – wars end ONLY when one side has successfully won and the other side has given up.  Not run away and declare "victory with honor" like we did with Viet Nam.  This time, this asymmetric war will not end just because the unloyal opposition forces a retreat – they will follow us to this shore. 

Obey and Murtha convened the rare recess-week news conference to counter Pentagon reports that the military will have to take drastic steps next month if it doesn’t get the money soon.

Democrats and the Pentagon agree the military has until about March before it runs out of money.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Friday signed a memo ordering the Army to begin planning for a series of expected cutbacks, including the layoffs of as many as 100,000 civilian employees and another 100,000 civilian contractors, starting as early as January.

Already, they have set themselves up to fail once again.  The fact that they have to hold a press conference to "frame" the discussion shows a BIG OOPS time is forthcoming.  Yet, these craven politicos are content to play chicken not only with Bush, our troops, but with the American people.  They might beat Bush, somehow or some way (but they have to neutralize Mitch McConnell who has stymied the Dem leadership on bill after bill, time after time, almost leading me to quote Rush "with half my brain tied behind my back" in describing his successes). 

Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell said Gates notified Congress on Tuesday that the Pentagon will shift $3.7 billion from the Navy and Air Force payroll budgets, plus $800 million from elsewhere in the Pentagon’s base budget, in response to the stalemate with Congress.

Morrell added that when the money for Army and Marine operations runs out in February and March, the Pentagon would have to use "extraordinary measures" to provide for the survival of the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. At that point, he said, money could only be used to feed them and keep them safe.

The flag to start this game of chicken was dropped by the Dems – the roar of the Administration’s exhaust is now reverberating across the land – go ahead, let’s see if you will keep your promise to leave our toops in danger. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement Tuesday that Democrats will always insist that troops get what they need.

No, you aren’t.  You used children in your attempt to pass bill for socialized medicine called SCHIP.  Now, you’re using the troops to make political points.  You refuse to see the the progress that has taken place because of one thing:

You would have to admit that you are wrong.

War is a difficult thing – things happen for which you don’t plan.  We all expected that the reconciliation that the Surge was supposed to give us was from the top down.  What HAS happened is that the Sunni Awakening in Anbar has spread from the bottom and across – just like in grass roots politics here in the States.

"If there is any delay in funding for our men and women in uniform, the responsibility will squarely lie with the president and Senate Republicans who are blocking the bill," said Pelosi, D-Calif.

No, it will not.  The Dems started this line of action and have continued it relentlessly.  But have failed over and over.  Once again, they try to blame others for their intent.  They want the troops home so badly in order to punish and mock Bush, they will risk the lives and well being of our troops.  They are the definition of the quintessential "the end justifies the means".  


Murtha said the Pentagon was issuing "irresponsible" propaganda.

"They’re scaring people," he said. "They’re scaring the families of the troops. . .That’s the thing that’s so despicable."

No, YOU are the one that is scaring people….it is ALWAYS the one that holds the purse string, Mr. Murtha!  You can funnel millions upon millions in pork to your favorite contributors, but not keep our troops safe.

Despicable?  Yes, you are. 

While Newt eventually resigned the Speakership and then returned to private life, he will always be remembered as the Republican that marshalled the right forces at the right time for the Republicans to gain the leadership roles after decades in the wilderness.

Can we just shove the Dems into that wilderness now?