Remember kids, NEVER do this at home.....I'm a Professional! - Granite Grok

Remember kids, NEVER do this at home…..I’m a Professional!

Remember the TV show "Home Improvement and this guy?

Tim the Tool Man Taylor Allen

Tim Allen – "Tim the Tool Man Taylor" – "MORE POWER!"

Well, I have one of these:

Dell Latitude D820




I also have these: 
South Rhodesian Ridgeback American Eskimo

                                                        The ‘Grok furballs 

Both like to sit/lay on the couch next to me so they can demand that I pat them while I’m surfing.

They shed. Lots.

You can literally watch the fur balls roll across the keyboard when my hot air furnace kicks in.  Some of them don’t roll all the way across.

Tonight, the strange noises emanating from the first item started to get louder and stranger.


light bulb

Bright idea!

Oh really?

I have one of these too!  

Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner
Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner 

It sucks.

It sucks good.

It sucks really wicked good!  Note: it was made for households that have furballs. Like these:

Thought – Let’s suck out the fur from the second pictured item.

Using the short wide attachment tool (figuring that with the cross bar running the entire width, the keys would not come off), it certainly did pull some fur out of the laptop.

So, I decided to use the long attachment with the smaller opening.  Smaller opening = more suction (but with an opening on the side, so the actual full vacuum is not obtainable) and let’s get even MORE fur out of it…..success!

Well, everything in moderation, including moderation.  Let’s up the ante, ’cause I still see more fur!  Remove the attachment and go directly from the hose to the laptop…..

Cue the ABCs song – "Q,W,E,R,T,Y,U….now I’ve refastened my ABC’s "

Morale of the story – if you are a laptop rejuvenator, get one of these.  It makes removing keys real quick and easy!

Remember kiddies, don’t try this at home……I’m what they call a professional!

But it was kinda neat to watch the fur go round and round in the clear plastic dust holder as they really do form a tornadic flow…….made it easy to see the spinning black keys….