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Look what they keep voting for themselves

As you well know, Members of Congress have voted themselves sufficient pay raises to be be in the top 5% of all income earners in the US (that boundary is about $145,000/year).   Even though most of them are quite wealthy on their own, they generally give the reason that they have to support two houses and other type balderdash on that paltry amount.

Tangent Alert: I find it less-than-curious that the Democratic leaders wish to reduce “income inequality” that they say is a looming crisis in the county.  Well, why not lead from the front, lead by example?  You voted yourselves to make your selves rich, if you truly believe that being rich is wrong, you’ve got over 500 of the richest people in America already regularly meeting in one building – start there!

After all, the House of Representatives here in NH recieve a stipend of $100 and travel mileage.  Period.  There are still some things here in NH that allow me to state that we are a “frugal” state (the word is actually in our Constitution) but I have to wonder how much that will last given the Dems have taken over (and in their first budget owning the House, the Senate, the Executive Council, the Governorship, is up 17%).

Anyways, what I really wanted to talk about was this that I saw over at DefenseTech:

C-40 Boing Business Jet 737

Well, this brand spanking new $70 million C-40 (just came as a Thanksgiving – early Christmas present – either to the Air Force that has to maintain / fly it, or to the Congress, who will use it for their junkets.

With exquisite timing, Boeing chooses a travel weekend that could go down in the annals of airborne horror to deliver a top-of-the-line Boeing Business Jet that will be assigned to Congress — those folks who have charged billions in air travel taxes over the decades and left us with 1930s blind-landing technology. The jet took off from Seattle this morning for its base at Scott AFB in Illinois.

The C-40C, jam-packed with 40 seats by luxury-jet specialists at Greenpoint Technologies, is the third and last of a batch ordered in 2005. They will be operated by the USAF reserve to carry Congressional delegations around the world.

I’ve done more than my share of riding on “Guppies” – I can tell you beyond the shadow of a doubt that I have NEVER had the chance to ride in a 737 (the civilian version of the C-40) that had just 40 seats (“normal specs” here):

The 737-700 was launched by Southwest Airlines in 1993 and entered service in 1998. It replaced the 737-300 in Boeing’s lineup, and its direct competitor is the A319. It typically seats 132 passengers in a two class cabin or 149 in all economy configuration. An executive conversion is offered as the BBJ1.

Did you really think that most of these folks believe that they have to travel coach?  Naw, didn’t think so.  For many, this will be as close as traveling CEO style that they will ever get – and do it at our expense.  Not only do they get nice seats, but a bunch of extras too!  Specifics of the C-40C (the military variant for these junket loving legislators) is here:

The cabin area is equipped with a crew rest area, distinguished visitor compartment with sleep accommodations, two galleys and business class seating with worktables.

The C-40B is designed to be an “office in the sky” for senior military and government leaders. Communications are paramount aboard the C-40B which provides broadband data/video transmit and receive capability as well as clear and secure voice and data communication. It gives combatant commanders the ability to conduct business anywhere around the world using on-board Internet and local area network connections, improved telephones, satellites, television monitors, and facsimile and copy machines. The C-40B also has a computer-based passenger data system.

Yes, fine for me but not for thee?  Dealing with the TSA?  Not for me!  Why should they have to listen to the latest yammerings from the TSA?  After all, the TSA has decided that since they cannot find the test explosives, on the busiest travel week of the year, they’ve decided to further the notion of the encroaching Nanny-State and tell us that we have to make their job easier by not having so much clutter in our carry-ons….after all, we don’t know how to “pack neatly

Hey, maybe Heather Mills is right – the rich ARE snobs!