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Mohammad Atta driver license

Arizona Republican (H/T: Lucianne.com):

Driver’s licenses for migrants?  Not in Mexico

MEXICO CITY – The question of whether to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants ignited a national debate in the United States. But in Mexico, the largest source of U.S. immigrants, there’s no question: Here, you must be a legal resident to get a driver’s license.

All of Mexico’s 31 states, along with Mexico City, require foreigners to present a valid visa if they want a driver’s license, according to a survey of states by The Arizona Republic.

"When it comes to foreigners, we’re a little more strict here," said Alejandro Ruíz, director of education at the Mexican Automobile Association.

Once again we see the fecklessness of the debate:

  • oh, the poor things, we have to let the drive here.  They only want a better life
  • We have to know who is here!
  • Once they get them, then they will have to get insurance, obey the law, yadda, yadda, yadda

Sorry, not buying it. Once again, Los Gringos have been had over throwing away the basics of the Rule of Law – if it were not for the flap of Hillary trying to parse and have the issue both ways on licenses for NY immigrants and Gov. Spitzer’s ham-fisted ways on this, most of us would just be called bigots once again for asking that our laws be followed and it would have slipped by.  Yet, the Mexican government is just as complicit in this as these chuckleheads are:

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Secretariat declined to comment on the controversy this week, but the Mexican government has fought U.S. restrictions on licenses in the past.

Once again, that phrase of "Fine for me but not for thee" rears its ugly head.  I MIGHT, as Glen Reynold put it, if there was some reciprocity, but there isn’t. 

And I might add… 

I have continued heartburn with the Mexican government in taking us to task when their Constitution expressly forbids me the same rights and privileges in Mexico that they want their citizens to have here:

MEXICO CITY – President Felipe Calderon decried Wednesday what he called "the growing harassment" of Mexicans in the United States and said his government will work to counter it by funding a media campaign to show migrant success stories.

Is anyone else wondering why we do not hear the fuss about what Mexico might be doing to better help their citizens IN THEIR OWN HOMES?

Mexican officials have expressed concern over a recent wave of immigration raids and a U.S. political climate perceived as anti-migrant. Calderon said U.S. presidential candidates were using migrants as "symbolic hostages" on the immigration issue.

"I am especially worried about the growing harassment and frank persecution of Mexicans in the United States in recent days," Calderon said at a meeting of the Mexican government’s migrant assistance agency.

Well, let’s be plain spoken – if the majority of those that cross our borders illegally are Mexican, then of course, most of the persecution from "legal" standpoint is correct – you arrest and properly prosecute them.

Doesn’t Mexico do the same – of COURSE they do?  So why should they expect us to be different? 

He called on leading U.S. presidential candidates to "stop holding Mexicans in their country as symbolic hostages in their speeches and [campaign] strategies." He was apparently referring to the hard line some candidates have taken on the immigration issue, and other candidates’ unwillingness to take a clear stance in the debate.

ALL of our candidates should be taking issue with this issue (sorry, couldn’t resist).  This is  direct matter of maintaining border security, of sovereignty.  Without the former, one cannot have the latter.

Yet, I continue to notice that the Mexican leadership refuses to talk about the real cause of this – the failure of the Mexican government to properly care for its citizens by creating an atmosphere where business can thrive.  But hey, they don’t air dirty laundry do they?  They cannot admit  that with the natural riches of their country, their citizenry, if not part of the oligarchy, are rather poor with little chance for advancement.

To bolster the image of migrants in the U.S., the Mexican government will launch "direct media campaigns aimed at showing migrant success stories and raise awareness of the many contributions" migrants make to U.S. society, he said.

Don’t admit, just sweep it under the rug.  In other words, let’s continue the PR charade that makes America the victimizer because it allows what Mexico will not.  It refuses to hold itself to the same standard that it wants us to adhere to. 

Calderon noted 6 million of the 11 million Mexican migrants in the United States are undocumented, and endorsed the creation of what he called the League Against Discrimination Against Mexicans in the United States.

When Calderon first became President, he did mention that Mexico had to do better.  Now, it appears that he has slunk to the low level of the previous President – Vincente Fox.  This is one policy that I wish would had been discontinued.  It helps NO one, American or Mexican, to keep this up.

Only problem is that our leadership seems to be caving into this.  This will be extremely true with the Democratic ones that cannot pick any line on the immigration issue and stick with it at all! 

Sheesh….they ought to listen to Sarkozy as to the greatness of America and why we are worth defending…..