Meet The New Press - Podcast for 9/29/07 - Granite Grok

Meet The New Press – Podcast for 9/29/07

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Week of 09/29/07

Hour 1 here                                                Hour 2 – here

     Hour 1

            Agenda – what’s coming up, American Solutions, Stella and Allison Scammon, SEIU "I’m a
                    Healthcare Voter". Why is it  news that Repubs don’t go to the  Morgan State college?

            Gold Star Mom event tomorrow.

            Stella Scammon – running for NH National Committeewoman.  Anecdote about hosting
                    President Bush, the job of National Committeewoman, advocating for the NH Primary,
                    when / where is the vote and who votes.  Part 1     Part 2

            Allison Scammon –  DC trip for the Families United, meeting the President; trip to
                    Arlington for laying of the wreath; the story of a Mom, her son, and his Dad;  bad
                    mouthing by the SEIU.

       Hour 2 

           William calls in to ask about NY Gov. Spitzer giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens

           Stella Scammon – Pitch for being elected NH Committeewoman to the RNC

           Allison Scammon talks about SEIU miscreant behavior in  DC; Skip adds in on local SEIU
                    presidents connections with the USA Communist party and how they apparently have
                    deceived people to sign their "I’m a Healthcare voter" petitions.

            Another plug for Saturday’s American Solutions up at the Vo-Tech.  Tech stuff discussion

            David Testerman is running for Franklin ward 2 seat and hosting Gov. Huckabee party

            Pat and Skip discuss Congressman Hodes breaking campaigning laws (a second time, so it
                    seems) and the Democrats having problems with Hsu money (Did Buckly send the
                    money to the Food Bank as promised?).

            Pres campaigns getting local – discussion Laconia Activist Judy Reever signs up with Obama
                    and Skip and Pat discuss personalities.

            Dem Prez debate – Pat notices that no Dem candidate will stand up for Israel while Skip
                    noticed that they, after swearing to uphold the law upon gaining the Presidency,
                    would break it by backing up Sanctuary mayors.


            Senator John McCain calls in – jokes with Skip and Pat; talks about his campaign gains in
                the polls and why it may not be as dead as other pundits have opined.

SchlubCam:  Coming!