Dem Debate tonite - Granite Grok

Dem Debate tonite

After the war against Islamofascists (the ‘Grok’s number one issue) comes illegal immigration (easily our number two issue).  If you are a regular reader of the ‘Grok, you know this already.

Question asked:

Would you support Sanctuary Cities breaking the Federal Law: yes or no? 

Their answer:

All of them tried to spin (big surprise).  Effectively, except for Biden, they all answered yes, that they would support that notion.  Gravel went the furthest by saying he would open to border to ANYone that wanted to come here.

Quick observation:

The President swears to uphold the Constitution and all laws.  Here is a group of people that have just declared, going in, that they will assist other elected officials to break the law.

Think about this.  I am against illegal immigration; you may be for it.  That is not the issue.

What has happened to our society that those who wish to lead us are willing to sanctify the emotional appeal, giving in to "feel good" emotions, over one of the basic premises of this country – the Rule of Law.  Children make major decisions based on emotions – adults think.

Don’t like the law?  Change it.  But to willfully ignore and disobey it being the Law Enforcement in Chief? After swearing to uphold the nation’s laws?

Only one adult in the bunch. 

They are going on to same-sex marriage, rights, and teaching about it in elementary school. My only thought is what I’ve said before and I will say it again – this Presidential election will be a stark contrast in values.  Left vs Right.