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Yakking with the Guiliani campaign


A little while ago, we had the chance to talk with former Mass. Governor Paul Cellucci on Meet The New Press about Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s campaign.  Once again, the campaign made the Governor available to the ‘Grok!

Hi again Governor – how’s the Giuliani campaign going at this point? 

Paul – Guliani is doing well in the polls and seems to be maintaining his leads.  In to of the latest polls, the Mayor is leading:
    Fox – Rudy 30%  McCain 17%
    CBS – Rudy 34%  McCain 21% Fred 22%

(Note: either I missed the Romney percentages, or they were not given – a mind is such a terrible thing to misplace…somewhere….someplace…..)

Morale of the story: Rudy is in a strong position heading into Feb for right nowl

Can you talk about the Rudy’s financial fundraising performance that was just announced:

He is the leader in this quarter among the Repubs and they are happy with the results so far with the money in the bank.  Certainly it was better than Romney and McCain.  There is a question ahead with Fred coming in.


How about the funding gap compared with the Democrats – much less than Obama or Hillary. 

Quite successful, but he believes that the gap will even out with Dems next Q.

Is there going to be any change in Rudy’s message?

He will keep the country on the offense on terror, keep economy strong.  With his message, he believe that he is the most electable of all of the Republicans in the general election.

Small law enforcement – how would Rudy apply what he did in NYC to USA? 

In NYC, he and the police used the stats program and measured the results of their actions and policies.  He wants to apply that same philosophy across all over the federal government to get accountability.  If the result of any program does not match its goals, changes will to happen. 

Accountability is very high purpose of Rudy….specific examples of this will be given over the course of the campaign.  By using gap stats, he is wants to eliminate waste and boost accountability.

Back to the general election:

He thinks Rudy will get a lot of wins and a large number of delegates.


Impact of the immigration bill that was shelved due (in part) to the action of the bloggers and talk radio?

That was a big shift, given the results of the immigration bill.   Bloggers were a huge part of that!  Although he (Paul, that is) is not plugged into that part of the campaign (he likes the talk shows and the speech part of it), he realizes that campaigning now has forever changed due to the bloggers.

Thank you very much for spending some time with the ‘Grok!

Quite welcome.

Again, a pleasure to talk with the Governor again.  A hat tip to Katie Harbath, Deputy eCampaign Director, Rudy Giuliani Presidental Committee for arranging the time.

You know, times have changed forever in campaign efforts when valuable resources are extended to extended to bloggers like us.  Typed with no disrespect, but in years past, I might have gotten a handshake and a couple of sentences standing in a crowd from the Governor, but not much more. 

More and more, campaigns are reaching out, as we can get messages out and let our readers hear that message without the normal MSM filtering mechanisms – and everyone wins!