Meet The New Press Podcasts - 7/7/07 - Granite Grok

Meet The New Press Podcasts – 7/7/07

Meet The New Press
Week of 07/07/07

Hour 1 here                                                Hour 2 – here

      Hour 1  

           Intro – 7/7/07 – lucky days! The better half-wives!  Discussion about singer / congressman
                     Sonny Bono, show agenda, Live Earth, GraniteGrok’s association with Science Fiction
                     author Robert Heinlein, the ‘Grok talks about National Geographic’s climate report,
                     Prius at 100mph, Doug stakes claim that Al Gore starts his Presidential campaign

           Interview – Harvey Lee of Endless Energy on wind power / windmills and generating electricity

           Interview – Brittany Hamilton – Laconia High convocation speech kerfuffle with the peace

           The Doug and Tom Tardif Right To Know lawsuit against the Belknap County Convention.
                     Part 1     Part 2

      Hour 2  

           Interview – Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies
                     Center for Immigration Studies purpose, Attrition through Enforcement, role of
                     special interest groups, blogosphere impact on the Kennedy-McCain bill,
                     enforcement tools not being used, illegals as a protected class of people,
                     enforcement moving from Feds to states and counties and cities,

            Discussion – Doug’s YouTube’s Barak Obama’s visit to Laconia, blog impacts on campaigns