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Enforcing the Rule of Law in immigration

Much is made of the taxes that illegal immigrants pay into US coffers as they work here in the US.  Often, the slant of the press is one of "oh, isn’t that a shame – these undocumented workers will never see that money….it goes right into our Social Security system of which they cannot use!".

Leaving aside the millions of illegals that work under the table (where criminal employers reap a financial boon twice – the below market price wages paid to these illegals being the first and the second being the part of taxes that employers should be paying in conjunction with legal employees), this article from The Oregonian shows the complicity of our Federal government in this whole mess.

A mess that I do lay at the feet of our political elite leaders (who may be neither in the near term future due to their utter disregard of the American people while pandering to the special interest groups advocating for open borders and cheap labor).

On Meet The New Press, we had two interviews this week dealing with immigration – John Hawkins of RightWingNews – to whom I apologize for shamelessly requested a link back to ‘Grok!) on the back room goings on in the Senate on the Amnesty Bill and the part that the Chamber of Commerce folks had in this (Amnesty Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and CoC).

Our other guest was NH conservative activist Jorge Mesa-Tejada who legally emigrated to the US when he was 15, served in the US Marine Corp, became a US citizen, and has played an enormous role as a mentor to grassroots activists here in NH.

Each stressed, in their two topics (the high jinx of our federal Senators / Chamber of Commerce and citizenship) "the rule of law" is under stress.  Without the philosophy remaining strong and enforced, our society would be at great risk.

This article shows this faulty reasoning behind our federal bureacratic nightmare in regards to upholding the rule of law. 


llegal immigrants pump as much as $7 billion in taxes into the Social Security trust fund each year, money that helps pay retirement and disability benefits of U.S. workers. The chances are slim that those undocumented workers will ever see a penny in retirement or other benefits.

Well, here’s the meme right out front – the illegal workers that will do the jobs that Americans will do only when the price is right are the victims here.  No matter that they lack the legal paperwork to be here and lack the proper paperwork to legally work here. 


Consider the Rule of Law – frankly, it is as it should be – one is not entitled the gains from illegal activities.


The Oregon Center for Public Policy, a group that advocates for low-income people, estimates that illegal immigrants in Oregon pay $56 million to $79 million a year in Social Security taxes.

The question of whether illegal immigrants contribute more in total taxes than they consume in public services has no clear answer, but their contribution may be one reason the nation’s tax system turns a largely blind eye to immigration.


  • Employers can easily check whether a job applicant has a valid Social Security number, but it is not required, and many don’t.
  • An illegal immigrant who becomes legal can get credit for wages earned under a phony or stolen Social Security number.

Note: I do lay blame on employers that fail to employ legal workers; I continue to blame the federal authorities for not enforcing the laws that could land them in the clink.

The second bullet distress me – why should someone reap a reward for illegal action?  For the amount of money that they would get from receiving SS benefits would far outweigh the amount of money that I could gain from knocking off the neighborhood convenience store.  Using the same logic, why shouldn’t I be able to keep what I have "earned"?


The Social Security Administration tracks wage reports where workers’ names and Social Security numbers don’t match, but workers are rarely prosecuted, as stand-alone crimes, for using Social Security numbers that don’t belong to them. This enormous and potentially ripe target — currently containing 255 million records — is off limits to immigration officials.

Rule of Law – ignored.  The number one responsibility of any government is to protect its citizens.    Why shouldn’t the Feds use all applicable laws and regulation to protect our US citizens.  This is an avenue that can be used regardless of it being an immigration issue or not. 

Akin to the effect that the threat of an IRS audit, if the Social Security Administration were to take this information and prosecute lawbreakers, it would have the additional effect of causing illegal immigrants to self deport.   

The Internal Revenue Service has the same mismatched information, but federal law protects the privacy of taxpayers — no matter how they earned their money. "We don’t care what you do, as long as you put it on a tax return," said Bill Steiner, IRS spokesman.

Trust me – let a citizen make false reports and an audit picks it up, and the IRS would be on them like flies on honey.  The IRS will do what it has to in order to get what it believes it should.  Once again, we see an agency not going after those that deliberately falsify information. 

The IRS can fine employers $50 for each inaccurate wage report, but government audits have found no evidence that the fine has ever been imposed.

The IRS offers people who are not eligible for a Social Security number a special tax identification number, so they can pay income taxes owed from money earned on jobs they are not allowed to have. Since 1996, about $50 billion in income taxes has been paid under this system.

Does anyone else see the incongruity of the above bolded statement – let’s have a Federal agency assist illegal workers break the law?  Doesn’t this make anyone else go "arrgghh!"?  Have we become that jaded of a society that we look away and just stick out the hand to collect $ as they pass GO?

The article goes on, with a couple of more instances of approving of illegal behavior, or worse, excusing it.  We are fast moving from a Rule of Law society to a "rationalize anything if there is any kind of a good outcome" one.  It is rather sad to see it happen, when the excuses and the emotional appeals override the law.