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Welcome Pat!

Our friend Pat Hynes (AnkleBitingPundits) and co-owner with Doug and I of Meet The New Press radio show.  I met Pat a few months ago when we started MTNP and I have enjoyed his company and his friendship since.  He’s an great read and a great guy on the radio too!

Anyways, he’s decided to join the ‘Grok crew for a while…and I am quite pleased and honored (gee, Big Dog comes to play with the little puppies!).  His first post is here and points out a problem for the PC folks:  it IS rather stupid to catagorize half of an entire state as being bigoted!  Yes folks, just because you disagree with us, you are bad, bad, bad…..but Pat uses bigger words than me.

Anyways, a bit about Pat:


 He likes this picture…..he looks so distinguished!

Patrick Hynes is the founder and proprietor of Ankle Biting Pundits, which was formerly known as Crush Kerry. Patrick lives in New Hampshire with his wife Michelle, daughters Rose and Grace.

A long time Republican operative and consultant, Patrick has helped hundreds of Republicans win public office. National Journal described Patrick as “a hack with a pretty good record of electing Republicans.” The American Conservative called Patrick, “an expert on evangelical voting patterns.” And Campaigns & Elections named Patrick a “Rising Star in American Politics.”

Patrick is the author of the book In Defense of the Religious Right (Nelson Current). [NOTE: GET IT, READ IT – ITS GOOD!  And yes, I still owe him a book review! -Skip]  He is a regular contributor to the American Spectator, Town Hall, TCS Daily, and others. Patrick also blogs at the Channel Changer.

Patrick is a regular guest on several talk radio shows, including Allman & Smash in the Morning in St. Louis. He has been a guest on Fox News Channel’s Hannity & Colmes, ABC World News Tonight, Good Morning America, CNN Talk Back Live, and even E!.

And to flog the obvious, he o-founded and co-owns Meet The New Press, a radio show by bloggers about what is going on in the blogosphere with a concentration on, what else, politics and current events. 

Perma-disclaimer: Patrick is a political and public relations consultant with Calypso Communications and New Media Strategics. At various times he may blog about a subject that is relevent to a client of either of those two companies. The reason for this is because he blogs about a lot of subjects, not because he blogs on behalf of these clients.

He can be reached at patjhynes-AT-msn.com

But I like this one better (even though my camera had the wrong date: