Ruminations - 4/12/07 - Granite Grok

Ruminations – 4/12/07

Well, I said that blogging (from me) would light, and it sure has been!  However, Doug’s been real busy playing with his new toy – VLogging!  And has seemed to have gotten a hit right out of the box with his YouTube from Congressman Hodes (D-NH, D1) – An InstaLaunche resulted!  And a lot of links from others (including our friend Pat over at AnkleBitingPundits).


In the mean time, the project to get MTNP livestreaming using Winamp and Shoutcast continues on.  We’ve progressed from (Winamp playing) to (Winamp / DSP to Shoutcast on one system to Winamp catching it on another) to (Winamp on one node sourcing a stream to Shoutcast on another and catching it on another).  But only on my internal network.

With the help of our buddy DCE from WeekendPundit and his brother John, the next step is to put the server out on the ‘Net and start experimenting with that.  We’ll try a few different players and ways to catch the stream, so hopefully in a couple of weeks, Meet The New Press will be out on the ‘Net!


Speaking of Pat, he did an interview here at AnkleBitingPundits with Congressman Chris Cannon (UT-03) concerning immigration.  Now, the ‘Grok likes Pat a lot (as Doug, Pat, and I all own Meet The New Press together), but Doug and I do tend to razz him a bit on immigration as we don’t quite see eye to eye (we’re not all the hep on guest workers and his take is not primarily on a wall).  THAT said, it is a well done interview – Pat does a good job.  Go listen!  Really!


My local paper, the Laconia Citizen, has a short piece (sorry, only the dead paper version) on the NH legislators adding $3 million to help support the local dairy farmers as the weather hasn’t c0operated with plantings, costs are up, and the national pricing for milk has stayed the same the last few years.

Yup – government sets the price to what they think it should be, causes a distortion in the market, and then uses more taxpayer money fix the problem they started in the first place by trying to regulate prices.

Hey, why stop with milk farmers?  I know some programmers that have suffered due to globalization….

Government should stay out of the marketplace in this area.  Supply and Demand will take care of inequities and pricing.   


This whole Imus thing?  When rappers are held to the same standard, I’ll take it seriously.  Double standards hurt everyone.  Political correctness ("I can say it but you cannot") is prejudiced.


I always thought that the Constitution said that foreign policy was the domain of the Executive branch.  Seems that when Ms. Pelosi ascended the Speakership and being third in line to the Presidency, I guess she thought she gets the chance to practice in Syria and possibly Iran.

Has she read the reviews from our enemies on her performance so far?  Listen to her, listen to our "non-friends"  – what’s the difference?


Well, back to streaming stuff……