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Romney – oh really?

Just saw this entry by Byron York over at the Corner:

A story in the Associated Press characterizes Mitt Romney’s statements in a recent interview this way:

[Romney] said the country would be safer by only "a small percentage" and would see "a very insignificant increase in safety" if al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden was caught because another terrorist would rise to power. "It’s not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person," Romney said. Instead, he said he supports a broader strategy to defeat the Islamic jihad movement.

I haven’t seen the full text of the interview, so perhaps there is some missing context.  But if the quote is correct, just speaking as one taxpayer, I would say a) we have already spent billions and gone to a lot of effort to try to get bin Laden, and b) it would be worth still more money and still more effort to kill the man behind 9/11.  I can’t imagine any serious Republican candidate for president would say otherwise.  Perhaps Romney should watch the tape of the planes hitting the towers again.

My Take On Things:  we (average Joe Sixpack) really don’t know if OBL is still actively running things or not.  Is he merely a figurehead, or not?

As far as I am concerned, I disagree with Dems – the fight against Islamofascists is NOT just limited to Afghanistan.  Their claim that Iraq (effectively) is a mere distraction is wrong – ANYWHERE Islamofascists are located is where the "war" is located.  And we have to kill them – they will not discuss (unless they see it in their interests), they will not settle for a truce (unless they see it in their interests), and they will not stop (unless they see it in their interests) or until we have all converted or die or submit to Shar’ia law as Dhimmis (after all, Islam means submission).

Or we get them first. 

We go to long lengths in this country for justice.  Yes, we have flaws, and yes, mistakes (sometimes grevious ones) are made.  But that is the bedrock of our society – the rule of law.  And one of those tenets is that those who are suspects must face justice, and let our system decide innocence or not.

That is the way it should be.

But ya gotta have the perp to do it!  And OBL has admitted to launching and blessing the attack – for all those 3,000 people who died, and their families, the rule of law must be fulfilled.  Justice must be served.

Romney may be technically correct (think Law of Diminishing Returns), but not in the grander sense of Justice completed.  The trail to OBL goes through all kinds of other, lower level Islamists.  To capture OBL, lots of others will, most likely, be rounded up or killed – their terror cells as well. 

Getting OBL gets the others. Give me someone who is relentless in this cause.  Get them all!

Sorry, but Romney’s statement doesn’t make it for me.