Life is what happens between the plans.... - Granite Grok

Life is what happens between the plans….

We often take the day to day items of our lives for granted – we bumble from one thing to the next.  Most of the time, bumbling is fine….better than stumbling and doing a face plant, right?  The majority of us try our best to do our best (most of the time anyways) and attempt to "do the right thing". We take the good things in stride, believing that they are the norm…after all, life is good, right?  The little pebbles in our shoes?  Yeah, we all complain.  After all, there is that saying that states that people will find a way to get around, over, or under the big obstacles in life – we just sigh, shoulder the burden, and create solutions.  Small pebbles in the shoe of life?  A whole ‘nother story – these we bitterly complain, honk, and mutter about them more often than the big things going wrong in life.

We lack (or lose) perspective and context in our busy lives.  And sometimes, events happen that jiggle everything back into a proper perspective – sweeping the pebbles aside and exposing the more important boulders in life for what they really are and how we should really prioritize the little from the big, from the silly to the important, from the important to the truly urgent.

Sometimes life does not go well…and sometimes not well at all.  The tragedy at Virginia Tech shows us that life is not fair, that bad things happen to good people.  We are so fortunate in our country that most of our lives are "good" – we pass from day to day almost without a care until such an event happens like this or 9/11.  These types of events shows us, too, that true Evil lurks in the world – and acts on whatever impulse it does and uses people to accomplish its goals.  Evil is real regardless of whether our philosophers or culture admits to that notion.  And when Evil strikes, it is them that have not the words or understanding that can speak to those events because they deny its existence.

And sometimes, "stuff just happens" to simple individuals too.  No, not just because of Evil, but just because stuff happens.  A good example is Captain Ed and the First Mate over at Captain’s Quarters with the First Mate’s trials and tribulations with her health – pray for them! And we all have experienced these kinds of problems, even here at the ‘Grok – our relatives and friends are certainly not immune to "stuff" happening.

You know, I do feel sorry for folks that deny God’s existence (just as they deny the existence of evil) .  I certainly disagree with that outlook, for I know that when things go wrong, there is a comfort in knowing that God is in control.  No, you haven’t lost your way here on the ‘Grok – while politics is high on the scale of things, we do acknowledge that there is a Higher Power in control of our lives and that He is concerned with all of us individually.  And when things go wrong, He is our Rock and our Refuge and that He listens to our prayers (and yes, sometimes we don’t receive the answers for which we hope).

No, life is not fair – and we should never expect it to be such (otherwise, you are in for a world of hurt when things do go south).  We should, instead, rejoice and give thanks for when life does work according to our quaint notions of fairness. 

And give thanks to God in all things, big and small, good or not, for there is always a purpose in everything (note: yup – I’ve learned the hard way over the years that He just might not have clued me in on things yet – nor should I ever expect that He should).