I haven't really figured this out.... - Granite Grok

I haven’t really figured this out….

The Canadian Press (CBC) reports this:

BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) – Scores of protesters shed their clothes and hugged trees in a bid to save a grove of oak trees slated to be chopped down to make way for new buildings on the University of California, Berkeley campus.

On Saturday, 78 bare-bottomed activists – some first-time nudists, others lifelong exhibitionists – joined a half-dozen protesters who have been living in the trees since December.

Someone PLEASE tell me why liberals / lefties / protesters really believe that the act of taking off their clothes is really going to make one whit of difference to their protesting?  Seriously? 

Now, I have no interest in persuing this to see if anyone took pictures of this and posted them on the Internet.  However, seeing some of the ages of some protestors that have done so "au naturale", I wouldn’t even want to look.

This goes along with "drumming for peace" and other non-such activities.  

Nude protests?  Even if you made sure that all of the protesters were super models, wouldn’t be like some of the real clever ads that sometimes are produced?  The ads become eye candy and the viewers forget the message / sponsor.  The eyecandy becomes the message.  And not the message. 

University administrators want to cut down more than 30 oaks near Memorial Stadium to make way for a $125-million sports training facility.