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And your taxes go to…..

And who says our present system is NOT progressive.  From NRO:

The Tax Foundation folks grouped together all federal, state, and local government spending and revenues. Then they looked at the net effect on income quintiles. The results confirmed the extent to which American government has become a redistribution scheme. The bottom 20 percent of households in income received about $8.21 in government spending for every dollar contributed in taxes (they don’t pay income taxes, of course, but they do pay a variety of other taxes, such as on sales and property). In the middle quintile, households got $1.30 in government stuff for every tax dollar. You mathematically inclined know where I’m going with this — someone has to pay the bills. It’s basically the top quintile, who consumed 41 cents in government benefits for every dollar surrendered. In 2004, the amount of income redistributed in this manner was between $1 trillion and $1.5 trillion.

This is just a staggering amount of money.  Yet, the liberals seem to think that we just HAVE to roll back the tax cuts in order to feed the governmental machine.  

Often, the "taxers" in town talk about 7 cents per thousand evaluation, 15 cents/thousand, or what it happens to be.  In our town of Gilford, NH, with approx. 7,400 residents, the total budget is about $32 million -> about $4,300 / person.

With about 300 million people in the US, let’s use the lower number of $1 trillion -> a yield of  $33,334 / person.  As the commentary ended:

And, of course, it’s just not enough