And they want to Bush to ratify Kyoto? - Granite Grok

And they want to Bush to ratify Kyoto?

Actually, it was Vice President Gore that "signed" Kyoto, but the Congress refused to ratify it (I think, 93-4).  Yet it is Bush that is taking the heat for the decision of Congress.

At the same time, it is the Europeans that tout their participation in that treaty are failing to keep to their own committments.  By larger and larger amounts.

Right – say you believe in it, keep making pronouncements about keeping to limits, and then blow through them like they didn’t exist.  But hey, its the intentions, right? 

Thus, I found this quite amusing.  Once again, Europe makes another committement, a "binding committment" to cut their CO2 by 20%  by 2020 compared to 1990.

Good luck with that!  Actually, go ahead – it WILL ruin your economies.  Are they really all that willing to bet their welfare states on this?

No, not really, especially when you read about  Germany:

There’s a hitch, though, for Germany, said Reinhard Loske, a member of the German parliament and climate expert for the Green party parliamentary group: Currently, up to 26 coal-fired power plants — which would burn either hard (anthracite) or brown (lignite) coal — are either being built right now or are in the planning stages in Germany.


"If all of those plants end up being installed, there is no way we can reach our climate protection goals for reducing emissions," Loske said.


Coal-fired power plants are one of the biggest producers of greenhouses gases, which scientists have said are primarily responsible for global warming.


Like what has been said….do Kyoto and ruin your economy.  But we support Kyoto!!! But building more COAL fired power plants?  Seems to be supporting the economy first.  But we support Kyoto!!!


Sorta like Gore – wants us to reduce our living standards while he uses the equivalent of the environmentalism religion’s papal indulgences -> carbon offsets.  I will believe it when the celebrity environmental evangelists and countries walk their talk. 


Otherwise, it is nothing but pontificating and…


…hot air

what a coincidence…..