And the Dems want universal healthcare? - Granite Grok

And the Dems want universal healthcare?

Universal healthcare = socialized medicine = single-payer healthcare =

Taxpayer funding

Well, if a new version of Hillarycare makes it, I will be able to say – I told you so (even after "TennCare" failed in Tennessee and "Mass/Romney Care" will fail in Massachuesetts and no Liberal will learn the lesson).  Why do I say that?

Britain has universal healthcare – and folks aren’t happy.  Why?  Another definition:

Universal healthcare = rationed healthcare 

When the perception is that something is free, more of it will be demanded.  Unfortunately, healthcare has a cost (and has a value) that must be paid.  And when the pot of gold to pay for it is less than the cost paid out, rationing happens.

Like in Britain (via UPI):

LONDON, Jan. 2 (UPI) — Hospitals in Britain have been told to hold off operating on some patients until they’ve been on a waiting list for 20 weeks, documents show.

Yup, that will go over well here in the States, won’t it!  While the folks at the VA try hard to help those that depend on them, it is a limited pot of Gold there.  And politicos wrangle about that all the time. Now, upscale that to the whole country – you think our healthcare system is under stress now? 

The instructions for delaying treatment as long as possible were included in letters sent to hospital managers, who also were told how many operations could be postponed until after the new fiscal year, which starts in April, the Telegraph said Tuesday. The instructions indicate the seriousness of the health services financial crisis, observers said.

Patients were having their treatment artificially delayed because the trusts that provide local medical care for National Health Services had to ensure they would break even, political leaders said. The trusts are in the throes of a $2.6 billion deficit.

Dems want it, and say we can afford it.  I doubt it, but they are going to try it anyways (if the Republicans don’t find a spine and President Bush can’t find a pen that writes the word VETO on it) 

In one letter, a health manager for East of England trust, outlined a plan to ensure hospital operations were "restricted to the minimum required to meet required access targets" regarding elective activities.

Fancy words, long sentences.  Translation – too many patients demanding too many services costing too much and too little to pay for it. Re: rationing. 

The delays were denounced by Andrew Lansley, shadow health secretary.

"These patients are being deliberately obstructed in accessing the treatment they need, despite hospitals having paid for the staff who can treat them," he said.

Course they need it…..but somebody has to pay for it.  Even in an ideal situation (and those are not to be found here either), things cost.