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WE have to pay for it? Another possible Entitlement?

From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

A new entitlement for illegals

Never say Ken Boehm didn’t warn you.

He’s not a kook or an alarmist and he doesn’t hear voices, strange eerie ones, in his head. He understands all too well what can happen and how if the public has been lulled into a false sense of security — especially when the issue is illegal immigration.

As absurd as this story line surely must seem to rational people, Mr. Boehm worries that someday taxpayers actually could be forced to pay for lawyers representing illegal aliens in the U.S. who want amnesty and citizenship.

At 12 million estimated illegal aliens here in the US, let’s say a cost at $10K per case, that’s $120 Billion….why don’t we just flipping throw it out the window instead?  This is basically allowing people who should not be here to use our money to sue ourselves….this is absurd at too many levels.  Have we gone this nuts; have we gotten to the point where political correctness trumps simple logic?

Logic? Anyone?  Please?

Boehm is co-founder and chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center, a Virginia nonpartisan foundation promoting ethics in public life. He also is not delusional.

"Once again, the government was requiring taxpayers to pay for something not in the best interest of taxpayers," Boehm says about this year’s U.S. Senate immigration bill. "In effect, it’s an entitlement program for criminals."

The controversial 614-page immigration "reform" legislation passed by the Senate in May would have done so much more damage than just giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. In the AgJOBS amendment, illegal aliens seeking amnesty could get "free" legal counseling paid by American taxpayers. The bill also required the alien to have an attorney file the application for him.

Once the lawyers get involved, you can just imagine the money wheels spinning faster than any slot machine in Vegas!  Once a revenue stream has been established, you can be SURE that the spigot will only be opened wider, not smaller.  And talk about being protected – NOTHING will ever come between these advocates and the tax money that will keep them going.

Yet, can we citizens ever argue that this money would be better spent on taking care of our own first?  I hate to keep sounding like a broken record, but I wish the politicians (do-gooders all having to prove that they are indeed do-gooders to their voters) would just go home for a while and stay there.

Two years might not be long enough at the rate they spend our money…. 

The amendment said that recipients of funds under the Legal Services Corporation Act "shall not be prevented" from providing legal assistance directly related to an application for adjustment of status under this section — Washington-speak for illegals wanting to be legals.

Katie, bar the locked barn!  Barn the locked door!  Door the barn…do SOMETHING!  "Shall not be prevented" – hey, just wave a green flag, turn the traffic light green why don’t cha!  SHALL NOT BE PREVENTED will be used as "hey, you cannot stop us!"  Start printing those $100 bills, Mabel…. 

But since the Senate and House could not reconcile their differences — the House version actually would have protected the border with Mexico and did not offer amnesty — why is Boehm sending newspapers commentaries and raising the issue on talk radio? After all, the good guys won the battle when the House essentially killed the Senate’s illegal alien appeasement bill.

"Come January, the House, which had opposed the law, will be under new management," he says. "There’s a very good chance the House will pass something similar to the Senate bill and there’s a good chance that the president will sign it."

Can Americans stop this looming threat?

"This is the time to let elected officials know they (Americans) are opposed to paying for free lawyers for those who are here illegally," Boehm says.

Consider yourself warned.