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This could get amusing….

This one ought to be on pay-per-view!  From The Australian:

From correspondents in United Nations

LEBANESE President Emile Lahoud has said overnight that his country reserved the right to take Israel before the UN General Assembly or the world court to seek reparations from damage caused by its recent war against Hezbollah guerrillas.

Chutzpah comes to mind immediately.  Lebanon, supposedly a sovereign state, allows an armed militia to begin a war by allowing Hezbullah to cross its border, kill and kidnap Israeli soldiers?  There was no hue and cry from the official government and its army stood around and did nothing.

"Lebanon retains the right to prosecute Israel before the competent bodies, most notably this venerable Assembly, or that of the International Tribunal, and to request the appropriate reparations for all the catastrophes Israel has inflicted on Lebanon," he told the UN General Assembly.

Isn’t it standard law and policy that only "competents" are allowed to sue or be held accountable?  Allowing a religious militia make foreign policy without the input from the official government seems to indicate a failing state not in control of its own border – wouldn’t this be cause to throw out any legal action?

President Lahoud continues on to complain about the use of cluster bombs.  The report continues with this observation:

The UN estimates that as many as 40 per cent of the apple-sized bomblets fired into Lebanon failed to explode on impact.

Umm, this is the same UN that had its own armed force, UNIFIL, that basically did nothing to stop the violence?

You know, this could result in a good thing – war by lawyers – for real!  Look at all the deep pockets around this issue – Hezbullah, Hamas, Iran, the UN…..all Israel would have to do is hire and sic some hot shot American personal injury lawyers (call 1-800-……).  After all, look how well they do fleecing everything from individuals to large corporations.  Just THINK of what they could do to the next entities up the food chain – just tell them to find the money.

Look at all of the lawyer shows that are popular on TV!  Remember the OJ and other high profile trials?.  Hey, all you TV capitalists – time to make money!  

Who knows, maybe this would spawn a new type of warfare?  Instead of the JAG corps (military lawyers for internal affairs and how to conduct war), we might end up with a new branch – the Offensive Lawyers Corp (ya know, there’s something just a little amusing about that name…).