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Take away guns, you get knives. Take away…

My turn.  This one is for the UK’s Home Office, who just hasn’t seem to made the connection:

Please realize that guns are quite regulated there.  So, shouldn’t this have solved the problem, right?  All criminals want and use guns, true?  Er, not so fast, as this headline in this BBC report

Tackling the scourge of knife crime

Well, well – take away the guns and what do you think happened.  Sure did: 

Back in 1988, when the Conservatives were in charge, the Criminal Justice Act created an offence of carrying something with a blade or point in a public place without good reason with a maximum penalty of two years in prison.


Meanwhile, the Violent Crime Reduction Bill, which is currently making its way through Parliament, aims to up the minimum age someone can buy a knife to 18.

Other pieces of legislation include the Knives Act 1997, which creates offences relating to the marketing of knives in a manner to encourage violent behaviour, or as combat weapons.


"It is already an offence to carry a knife in public. Those found guilty face a penalty of up to two years imprisonment. Possession of an offensive weapon carries a maximum penalty of four years imprisonment. Murder would result in an automatic life sentence," she added.

Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, says a mandatory prison sentence for carrying a concealed blade is required to tackle a worsening culture of knife crime.

They just don’t seem to be making a real connection – take one thing away and those that wish to do violence will not stop doing violence just because they cannot get the weapon of choice – they’ll just choose another.  No gun, no problem!  Get a knife – and it seems they have.

The problem is: what’s next after the knives?

Hey folks, watch out for those cricket bats!