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People in glass houses….

All over the world, we see world leaders criticizing us, both for our domestic policies as well as our foreign policies. Our media seems to delight in reporting almost any slight. What I keep thinking has been well captured over at Betsy’s Page:

Why praise dictators who lecture us on freedom?

One Indian columnist gets it. Tavleen Singh, writing in the Indian Express wonders why people are praising dictators lecturing us on freedom who wouldn’t allow a critic in their own countries to so publicly criticize them.

In the streets of New York I see a Muslim face every few steps. There are veiled Muslim women, Bangladeshi waiters, Arab voices and Pakistani taxi drivers. If the West is such a hateful place why are they here? There are plenty of rich, Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia where a good living could be made, are there not?

Speaking of Saudi Arabia, may I add that I find it hard to accept the noisy demands Muslims make to be allowed to build mosques in Western cities when countries like Saudi Arabia refuse to give similar rights to non-Muslims.

What sense does it make for those countries to talk of human rights and religious freedom when they do not believe in these concepts themselves?

We who in live free societies need to be more grateful for our privileges and more conscious of the importance of preserving them. In the funny, scary times in which we live there is a strange, new phenomenon whereby dictators lecture the world on human rights and political freedom and we listen and applaud as if this was the most normal thing in the world.

She’s right. It’s quite a bizarro world when people look to men like Ahmadinejad and Chavez for wisdom on freedom

Media bias in play in all this?  You bet!  How often do you see reports when we are getting slammed that actually report what the reality is in these other countries?  It is all well and good for folks like Chavez andAhmadinejad lambast the West and the US, but why won’t the press tell us, at the same time and as prominently displayed, what happens to those people in those country that try to speak out about those leaders the way they speak out about us?

Do the words jail and torture come to mine?  And for the latter, we’re not talking about cold rooms and loud music that have been debated in the Congress of late…we’re talking REAL torture – physical injury, harm to family members in front of the accused, and the like.