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North Korea – like CAIR?

It seems that when ever there is a terrorist attack that is carried out by Muslims, you can depend on good ‘ole CAIR to roll out and warn the nation on yet another backlash against Muslims.

Kinda like what North Korea is doing now – let’s make something out of nothing!  The Washington Post is reporting that  North Korea’s "Committee for Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland" (ya just gotta love these names!) is complaining about not only our anti-missle test but also our joint military exercises with our allies, the South Koreans:

North Korea accused the United States on Saturday of provoking war by carrying out an anti-missile test over the Pacific and holding military drills with South Korean forces on the divided peninsula.

The North’s Committee for Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland said the joint exercise was the most provocative yet and, given its scale and content, a virtual declaration of war against the communist state.

A virtual declaration?  What is this, about the 100th one?  At what time to do they realize how silly they look when they keep issuing these warning over a even sneeze?  What DON’T they complain about and start in on saber rattling?

"On the occasion of the Ulchi Focus Lens joint military drills, the United States even conducted a missile test aimed at attacking us from the South and the U.S. homeland and intercepting our missiles," said the committee’s statement, carried by the official KCNA news agency


Uh-huh.  We shoot a missile from Alaska (NORTH of N.Korea) southward, and this is supposed to be an attack from the SOUTH of them?  And what, we are NOT supposed to intercept missiles? 

Has our internal politics gotten that bad that they think we’d believe this?