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Hey, EU, going to draw yet another line in the sand?

It seems that the EU is good for drawing lots of lines in the sand when it comes to Iran and their march towards getting the Bomb.  Well, here’s yet another deadline, Iran kicks its feet in the sand, and it seems that the EU just keeps on taking it. 

Hey, we have to save face – issue yet another deadline! Yahoo News reports

The European Union agreed on Saturday to try to clarify Iran’s stance on halting uranium enrichment within two weeks and the U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan held talks in Tehran to try and settle the standoff.

Clarify? What part of "NO" and "WIPE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP" do you fools not understand?  As I have said before, Iran’s top mullahs and their President have said that they weill not stop.  If this is an exercise in trying to save face, forgetaboutit – you lost that after the first year of this fiasco.

Face it – the EU is not going to do anything about this – never did.  They do not have the will or the backbone (why do I keep going back to those words when talking about the EU?) to know that as long as they keep drawing lines in the sand, Iran is going to keep stepping over them.  And over, and over, until they literally step ON them. 

There is no standoff anymore.  A standoff implies that both sides are willing to do something – the entity to step over the line intends to do something (and Iran will when they are ready) and the entity drawing the line will defend that line.  Unfortunately, the EU is like an old toothless dog – no bite and only a raspy bark is left. 

"If the meeting goes well and Iran accepts the philosophy of the cooperation project we presented to it in June, I think we will be able to start a more formal negotiation", French Sunday newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche quted Solana as saying.

More formal?  What the heck have you been doing so far – blowing kisses? 

Slovenian Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel said after the 25 EU ministers discussed the Iranian issue in Finland on Saturday: "We give Solana two weeks for his clarification talks."

You could substitute "years" for "weeks", and I’m willing to bet the situation won’t change a tad.

God save us all.
(H/T: Lucianne.com