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Here’s a good example why

I just do not trust CAIR or most other Muslim groups when they proclaim that Islam is merely a Religion of Peace.  JunkYardBlog is reporting this:

The Washington Times’ Audrey Hudson is an excellent reporter on airline security issues. Couple years back she discovered the story of a guy unscrewing a mirror in the bathroom of a plane in order to gain access to the cockpit. (I’ll link that later if I can find it; I’m in a rush now.)

Anyway, Hudson is still on the beat:

Last year, Miss Mansfield visited a mosque in Georgia that advertised an English and Arabic session on God and family. She attended the Arabic session where a man identified as Khaled recounted a New York flight. He and his friends acted suspicious and made simultaneous restroom runs to frighten passengers. “He laughed when he described how several women were in tears, and one man sitting near him was praying,” Miss Mansfield later wrote in an account of that meeting on her personal Web site. “As the meeting drew to a close, the imam gave a brief speech calling for the protection of Allah on the mujahedeen fighting for Islam throughout the world, and reminded everyone that it was their duty as Muslims to continue in the path of jihad, whether it was simple efforts like those of Khaled and his friends, or the actual physical fighting,” Miss Mansfield wrote.

I have read other accounts of what is said in Arabic and what is said in English at mosques that are different depending on the audience. Lying, or hiding things, does not sit well with me.  And as far scaring a plane load of innocents to be a practicial joke? 

My feeling is that acts like that only get the rest of us to dislike and distrust Muslims.  Hey, CAIR, ya think Muslims just might be generating the backlash that you are always whining about all by themselves?

I attend an Evangelical Baptist church.  At no time has anyone preached a sermon or taught Sunday School that would advocate ANYTHING like the above!  And when I was a deacon in that church, if anyone had tried such, they would have been escorted out pronto.