A Real Stink Here in Central NH: "Corpse" Flower Blooms! - Granite Grok

A Real Stink Here in Central NH: “Corpse” Flower Blooms!

-UPDATED—SCROLL DOWN-The Blooming has run its course-

While not the normal type of story for this blog, the blooming of a "corpse" flower is a pretty big deal to those who find such things interesting. After the town I live in (Gilford,NH) refused (due to the expected large crowds) to allow the public viewing (fundraiser) of the famous flower known for the stench of rotting flesh when in bloom, the neighboring city of Laconia was able to offer a suitable location.

The flower is now in bloom and will last for 2-5 days.

The blooming ended Wednesday.

The "corpse" flower, with the real scientific name  of Amorphophallus titanum, is native to Sumatra and has only bloomed a total of 14 previous times here in the US.
Click here to read the latest from the Citizen newspaper. A hole was cut in the flower to photograph the pollen. Click here to read  an earlier Citizen newspaper story (with pictures) about this unique happening. Click here for information about the event and how and where to come to view (and smell) this unusual and rare botanical occurrence. 
UPDATE 8/24: Michael Kitch reports in the Laconia Daily Sun (unavailable online):
The curtain fell on "Tilly the Titan yesterday, but not before drawing several thousand people, many of whom returned time and again.
The article further informs us that the local "corpse" flower blooming is only one of 6 or so expected to bloom worldwide. This particular event is the first ever cultivated by a private individual. The Citizen reports on the end here.