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Tom Flaherty!

Born in Boston, my family (parents, cousins, aunts, uncles) all took flight to the "Irish Riviera" (South Shore) in the early 1970’s, during Boston’s busing crisis.  I grew up in a Massachusetts middle-class suburb, with adequate schools, ocean access, and lots of friends.  My parents didn’t have it bad, but pushed for me to have better.  After college, and time in the US military, I decided that in order to have it better, and to raise my future kids in an acceptable environment, I needed to move to New Hampshire.  Like my parents, I fled an ever-increasingly threatening homeland, for better pastures.  Today, MA is a foreign land and NH is changing for the worse.  I saw what happened during my childhood, and won’t sit by idly, as it happens to my current home, or to the United States at-large.  There is now no realistic place to fly to.  We can only stand and fight to repair, preserve and improve our communities, for the benefit of our children.


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