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Tim Condon!

I’m a resident of the small town of Grafton, NH (which was chosen as “the Free Town” by a group of Free State Project participants in 2004), and a former Marine veteran of back-to-back tours in Vietnam (1968-70). I hold a B.S. degree in journalism from the University of Florida (1973), with minors in economics and philosophy. I also hold a B.A. degree in accounting from the University of South Florida (1981), and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Florida (1976). Born and raised in the Miami area as a fourth-generation Floridian, I now maintain my domicile in Grafton, NH, while practicing law in Tampa, Florida (I bounce back and forth between the two venues all year long).

My wife Michele and I have been married over 25 years, and we have one grown daughter who graduated from New York University and now lives and works in New York city. I’m a committed participant and former member of the national board of directors of the Free State Project, which is what drew me to New Hampshire in the first place. Unlike Skip, I’ve been political my entire life, starting out with Barry Goldwater and The Conscience of a Conservative in the mid-1960’s. In 1972 I was a Florida presidential elector for Prof. John Hospers, the first Presidential candidate of the national Libertarian Party which was founded that same year. During the late 1970’s and into the 1980’s I was a contributing editor and monthly columnist for Reason Magazine, and I’ve authored numerous articles in the print and online media about various subjects relating to individual rights and personal freedom. In 2004 I founded the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, and continue to work within the state’s political system and the NH GOP to effect beneficial change through lower taxes, lower spending, free enterprise policies, smaller state government, and expanded personal responsibility under the Constitutions of New Hampshire and the United States of America.

If I had to define my political philosophy today, I’d say I’m a “libertarian-conservative,” with an emphasis on the libertarian part. I believe individual rights are given by God (however you may want to define Him), and are thus prior to and superior to any pronouncement by any government. I also believe that every political and economic issue should be examined through the lens of "libertarian class analysis" to see whether the question involves a struggle between the “taking” classes on the one hand (dictators, kings, pharaohs, commissars, tyrants, bureaucrats, public employee unions, hereditary aristocracies, etc.), and the working or “providing” classes on the other (i.e. those who earn their living by serving the needs and desires of others through peaceable, voluntary exchanges).

I believe that the State of New Hampshire has a unique destiny: Among all the states it is going to become a beacon of indivdiual liberty and free enterprise—with the associated explosion in standard of living and wealth for all—in an America that will become increasingly impoverished by socialism and other forms of statism. Thus, I urge every believer in individual liberty and the U.S. Constitution to "make the move to New Hampshire" and join us in fighting for individual freedom, free enterprise, personal responsibility, lower taxes, reduced state spending, and a dramatically smaller, less powerful, and less intrusive state government. You will find all of that and more in the Granite State/Free State of New Hampshire.


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