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Tim Condon

I’ve been political my entire life, starting out with Barry Goldwater and The Conscience of a Conservative in the1960's. In 1967 I enlisted in the U.S. Marines for four years, spending nearly two of them in South Vietnam. In 1972 I was a Florida presidential elector for Prof. John Hospers, the first Presidential candidate of the national Libertarian Party which was founded that same year. During the late 1970's and into the 1980's I was a contributing editor and monthly columnist for Reason magazine, and I’ve authored numerous articles in the print and online media about various subjects relating to individual rights and personal freedom. Today I'm a lawyer by profession; I divide my time between New Hampshire and Florida all year long, spending much of my time practicing law in Florida. As an early supporter and past member of the board of directors of the Free State Project, I was drawn to the Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire in late 2003 when it was chosen by a vote of the first 5,000 FSP participants. In 2004 I founded the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, and continue today to work within the state political system to advance the traditional NH values of frugal small government, low taxes, small business, free enterprise, and self-responsibility. To all, I say "Come and see what we are building in the beautiful, healthy, livable Free State of New Hampshire!"

Thoughts about Fred and about some other Republicans

I also am thankful for Fred Tausch holding the event and bringing in the wonderful Andrew Breitbart, and helping out other GOP candidates…to the extent that the other candidates are real Republicans, and not RINO’s. One cautionary note, however: The reason some are indicating hesitation about Tausch has not been clearly explained. It is not …

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Why do we need unions in Goverment?

Government employee unionization should be outlawed. Unlike all other employers, government at every level is a monopoly. Accordingly, people have no choice on whether to patronize the "business" of local, state, or federal government. There is no competition. Government employee unions can thus directly attack the public interest with impunity: Their employer cannot go out …

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Thoughts on the US Supreme Court decision on Citizens United

It is not clear to me that most people understand just what a game-changer the Supreme Court’s just-issued opinion in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission really is. It upholds the Constitution and eviscerates the unconstitutional McCain-Feingold law that was proposed and pushed by the most recent Republican Presidential candidate, John McCain, and signed by …

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It doesn’t take a weatherman….

Several libertarian-types I know have unhappily pointed out that Scott Brown in Massachusetts supported then-Gov. Mitt Romney’s state-level socialized medicine scheme when it was passed. “What’s the point?” they say. If Brown supported socialized medicine in Massachusetts, he may well support some type of socialized medicine in the U.S. Senate. Happily, I have the solution …

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Pendulum is swinging – Results of Tuesday’s NH Special Elections

Sullivan District 2 Rockingham District 8 Jillette (D) Cunningham (Re) Hurley (D) Weyler (Re) Croydan 19 109 Hampstead 57 397 Goshen 77 51 Kingston 181 372 Newport 138 327 Plaistow 49 236 Springfield 49 56 Washington 31 74 TOTAL 314 617 TOTAL 287 1005 % 33.73 66.27 % 22.21 77.79   Take a look at …

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It’s the SPENDING, stupid!

I received this email from a Left leaning person (supposedly a NH resident but I’m not totally sure; any NH person with any worth wouldn’t take such a position!) complaining that because we do not have an income tax here in NH, people are SUFFERING!  Because the State refuses to tax people more, problems will …

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