Susan Olsen

A coal miner's daughter who can't sing, lover of liberty, enemy of intellectual sloth, admirer of William Barrett Travis,Stonewall Jackson and Michael Valentine Smith, possessor of a Gonzales flag, a little old lady who is armed and wears assault pearls.

Shawn Millerick – FoJ (Friend of Jethro)

In today’s NH Journal: Ignoring the fact that the concepts of spelling and grammar often seem foreign to our ‘Blogger of the Month’ ……That said, it also seems like we should note who Steve Macdonald keeps company with.


20 innocent children.  Full of promise.  Harming no one.  Dead.  Murdered by a stranger bent on their destruction.   Guns don’t kill children.  People do. 1.2 million innocent children.  Full of promise.   Harming no one.  Dead.  Murdered by strangers with the explicit permission of their mothers.  Scalpels don’t kill children.  In 2011, their mothers and their mothers’ …

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Reason and force

A fellow New Hampshire-ite wrote this several years ago and, while it has already been reposted and cross-posted around the blogosphere over the past few days, it is more than worthy of another read: Human beings only have two ways to deal with one another: reason and force. If you want me to do something …

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I pithy the fool…

…little old lady friends of mine often share things they find pithy.  Kinda makes me want to embroider a pillow.