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Steve MacDonald

Steve is a long-time New Hampshire resident, blogger, taxpayer advocate, and a member of the Board of directors of The 603 Alliance. He is the Editor at Large and a co-owner of; a former board member of the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire; and a past contributor to the Franklin Center for Public Policy.

Where’s Our Cheese?

…have New Hampshire’s low tax, local government, just leave me alone voters decided that a tax and spend, intrusive big government guy like Perry is the new (old) direction they want to pursue?

Liberals Buzz Over Take Down Of Obama

This guy is nuts. (And he is not alone). Even in his despair, as liberals buzz over the take down of Obama, he is so steeped his own party propaganda that he can’t see the recent past in its original context to properly frame his dissatisfaction. Even as he attacks Obama he is still in denial about the circumstances.

Meet Bob “Bathroom Bill” Perry (Reprise)

So if you’re interested in more unaccountable government, a debt spending state legislature, balloon bills, regulatory restrictions that scare off jobs, late night taxes passed without one single hearing, and an endless string …half-witted, poorly thought out mandates like the one that could have turned every ladies locker-room or public bathroom into a drive thru for every drunk guy, horny adolescent, or sex offender who has suddenly felt the need to get in touch with their feminine side (or your wives or daughters), then you want Bob Perry.

Obama Makes The Same Face In Every Pic

Here is a nice little palate cleanser from You needed a break, yes? It is called Obama makes the same face in every pic. It is strangely amusing. Let me set it up for you. It is a video of successive still shots and Obama makes the same face in every pic.

Rich Man Poor Man

If you are on the verge of being defined as low income in American, or maybe you are at or blow the “poverty line,”, you have a good deal to be thankful for. For example,you probably live in a larger home than most Europeans. There are appliances, televisions, maybe a car or two out front. In fact, you have things every American had just a few years before you.

Revoke Non-Profit Status?

In 2010 the NHCA’s PAC, New Hampshire Citizens Alliance for Action, spent all it’s over $15,000.00 in PAC money to re-elect Carol Shea-Porter.

193,000 Leave The Workforce

Bloomberg News reports that 193,000 more people have stopped looking for work in the Obama economy, taking 156,000 off the ‘Unemployed’ rolls.